Jesus Culture Encounter Manchester on GOD TV from July 15th

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"I want every heartbroken woman to watch GOD TV" – Sheila Manohar

Sheila shares how she started searching for God during a difficult time in her life when she was heartbroken. She was drawn towards GOD TV and felt God's peace. She found Jesus and learnt how to deal with life with the help of God. "I want every heartbroken woman to watch GOD TV and receive what I received," she says.

7-Year-Old Impersonates Taylor Swift and sings You Belong With Me

watch Taylor' new video here: Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Xia Vigor as Taylor Swift You Belong With Me

Pattie Mallete, Justin Bieber's mom, shares her heartbreaking testimony

Pattie Mallete, mother of Justin Bieber shares LIVE on GOD TV how she almost came to the point of suicide, but then God stepped in and changed her life. She also speaks about the prophecy given about Justin at birth and how God had already set him aside for greatness. Read more:

Amazing Encounters with Angels, Demons & Heaven! | Henry Gruver on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

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Awakening Online 3rd Prayer Meeting

We are inviting every revivalist, young and old, to come out to Jesus Culture Awakening in Chicago in August. This is a live streaming moment where we are praying for an awakening to happen in America. We also want to thank everyone of you who has been praying for us and for the event.

Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture believes “One encounter can change everything!” He hosts this event in Manchester, UK with speakers Lisa Bevere and Ben Fitzgerald and popular Jesus Culture Band.

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