Most EXTREME Industrial Machines Ever

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7 Most Useful Machines That Do Incredible Things !

10 Most Amazing Machine You Need To See --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION-TTI Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME Google Plus:- Twitter:- SUBSCRIBE:- Credit & Subscribe Them 1. SLJ 900 2. TigerCat 1075B 3. MultiPack C14 4. Truck Spade 5. Carrara Robotics 6. Eskes Event Cleaning 7. KALASHNIKOV HOVERBIKE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT Me for Copyright Related issues, Credit addition and deletion: we will solve your issue within few hours --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION-TTI Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME Google Plus:- Twitter:- SUBSCRIBE:-

The Strangest Structures Built Around the World!

What are the strangest structures built in the world? Is it the lucky knot bridge in China? Or is it a house that looks like it’s melting?! Find out about the strangest looking structures all around the world in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the strangest structures built around the world! 10 - Habitat 67, Montreal Back in 1967, Canada was probably filled with excitement with the millions of visitors that had come to Expo 67, which was a Category One World’s Fair with 62 nations participating. One of the prime objectives was to showcase to the world a housing project designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshie Safdie. The government-funded project was called Habitat 67, which was a modern take on the urban housing that Canadians were used to see around town. Safdie's inspiration was a little known architectural movement called Metabolism, which believes in creating interconnected structures that look like they're living and breathing entities. The project is regarded as both a success and a failure. Safdie's goal for the project to be affordable housing largely failed, as demand for the building's units had made them more expensive than originally planned. When the complex was finished, the government had set rent prices so high because of the demand, not many people could afford to live in the apartments. Although it seemed like a doomed creation as it ultimately failed to revolutionize affordable housing or launch a wave of prefabricated, modular homes as Safdie had envisioned, over time the apartment complex still holds to the concepts that were fundamental to its design, such as the themes of reimagining high-density housing and improving social integration through architecture. 9 - Minsk National Library, Belarus Known as the largest compilation of Belarusian literature, Minsk National Library was originally created in 1922. In 2006, after a new addition was constructed, its popularity increased enormously. Why? Well, take a good look at the main thing standing on top of this structure. It's pretty much as abstract as its name, the rhombicuboctahedron. Yeah, that’s a lotta syllables right there. This thing up top is a geometric figure composed of 8 triangular sides and 18 squares! This avant-garde design was created by architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko. The crown jewel of this 236-foot tall building that contains 22 levels of books, which is around 8.6 million books in case you were wondering, is the 500-seat auditorium. The rhombi... this THING on top has become a tourist spot so popular, that it prompted the Belarusian government to create a park surrounding the library grounds. They also decided to build an observation deck on top, that way visitors can get a good view of Minsk when they visit. 8 - Cubic Houses, Netherlands In case you guys didn’t know it, Dutch or Scandinavian architects have sort of a reputation of being able to use their imagination in ways no one would've ever thought possible. This is the case of the Cubic Houses, located in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Designed and built by Piet Blom, the cube-shaped housing complex was a request by the Rotterdam town hall, which was trying to solve the city’s overcrowding issues. They were even creating houses on top of a pedestrian bridge. The tilted structures, along with their bright yellow coloring are definitely some crazy looking buildings that commands attention. Made completely of concrete, from floor to ceiling, the houses are made up of three levels: a ground floor used as a living room area, a second floor for bedrooms and bathrooms, and a third level that can be used for whoever that lives there wants to do. The whole structure is angled, including its windows and walls, which means that the used living space can only amount to 25% of the structure's size.

Top 5 Satisfying Factory Machines - Eye Candy

► Subscribe for more! These factory machines are so satisfying to watch! I hope you guys enjoy today's video on the top five satisfying factory machines. *The videos used in this compilation qualify under fair use* Video Attributions: E Machines Magazine, Aim inc, Vidello Productions, International Waterjet Machines, Rudolf Grauer, haoshuomachine, OHA-OHA Machine Tools, yu Shanxi Liyang Forging, DaltonsWadkin, FWG Special Springs, Minh Hoang Co, Prima Power North America, CNC Programmer The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.

What I found on Mt. St. Helens 37 years after the eruption

What I found on Mt. St. Helens - This has been amazing to explore Climbing to the top of Mt. Saint Helens and looking down into the massive crater below was a truly amazing bucket list item for me. It was the hardest climb of my life, but absolutely worth it. However I had no idea of the unbelievable magnitude of destruction the eruption left below the mountain. St. Helens erupted May 18th 1980 with such force that it changed the surrounding landscape and destroyed everything in it. Finding all the mangled abandoned trucks still sitting on the county side and walking through the lava tubes was just as incredible as being able to finally climb to the top of the mountain to see it for myself. Visit my website! Check my Mt Saint Helens photos on Instagram - mobileinstinct Direct link - Check out some other videos of mine Abandoned LA ZOO Border wall at an abandoned beach

Since the Industrial Revolution, and even before, people have been creating, inventing and building machines in the hope of making our lives easier and to increase productivity as well as profits. Today we look at some monsters that have been built over the years!

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9 - A forage harvester…
This impressive looking machine has one simple function, and that’s to forage plants to make silage. Silage is chopped up grass or corn which is compacted together and stored in a silo. Once it’s fermented, it’s used to feed the animals with. Like many of our earlier entries, you do get different designs and sizes of these machines, but their goal is all the same at the end of the day. A forage harvester can be attached to a tractor or it can be self-propelled.

8 - Scheuerle Self-Propelled Modular Transporter…
This unusual piece of machinery is capable of big things. It’s a chain of connected computer-controlled wheels, capable of carrying 15,000 tons! Scheuerle developed this idea in the 1980’s and it certainly paid off. These days, anything heavier than 3,000 tons is usually carried on this contraption. They carry anything from portions of space-ships, pieces of ships, cement tunneling, motors and anything you can think of that weighs up to 15,000 tons!

7 - Kockums “Tears of Malmö” Crane…
A strange name for a crane, I know, but there’s a reason why the Kockums Crane has also become known as “Tears of Malmo”. Malmö is the capital of Sweden plus it’s the largest city there too. This crane became quite the legend in Malmö and a large number of people used to head to Malmö just to view it. The crane stood at 453-feet and was able to lift thousands of tons. Financial strains hit the Kockrums Shipyard and it closed in the mid 80’s, meaning the crane was no longer in use. They eventually sold the crane in the early 90’s to a Danish company, who too went bankrupt and they in turn sold the crane for $1…yep, $1 to the South Koreans only for it to be dismantled a few years later by a British Company. So, now you understand why it’s called the “Tears of Malmo”.

6 - Continuous miner…
Unlike what we as humans are capable of, this continuous miner does what its name suggests. It mines all the time. The ginormous spinning wheel spins all the time, knocking the coals loose. Then the coal is scooped on to the ramp below and is pushed on to a conveyer belt behind the machine and then released out the back of the machine on to a waiting car, which then removes it from the mine. Having said that, the machine does have a break occasionally– like when it has to wait for the car to return to collect the next load of coal, but I guarantee you, it’s not long before it gets going again.

5 - Caterpillar 797…
The Caterpillar 797 is a range of off-highway, mechanical haul trucks that were manufactured in the US. These trucks are 50 feet long, 24 feet tall (51 feet raised), and 31 feet wide and Caterpillar’s largest and highest capacity haul trucks. The latest model has a load capacity of 393 tons. Each truck can be modified to each buyer’s requirements, but the general going price of a Caterpillar 797 is $5 million and each truck has a 21-year service life.

4 - Big Muskie…
This machine eats mountains for breakfast, it’s the Big Muskie excavator, owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company. This monster’s dimensions are 151 feet wide, 222 feet tall, and 487 feet long, and it weighs in at 295-tons! It’s bucket alone was 220-cubic-yards and it was the largest single-bucket digging machine ever made! When it was built in 1969, it cost $25 million – in today’s value, it works out to $167 million! It took 200,000 hours to build over the course of 2-years.

3 - Taisun Gantry Crane…
This is a world record holder! The Taisun Gantry Crane is officially the biggest in the world, and it’s a fixed dual-beam gantry crane. It’s owned by Yantai Raffles Shipyard Ltd. And has a lifting capacity of 20,000 metric tons. It’s based in China and was projected to cut 2 million working hours in the future and it broke the world record by lifting 20,133 metric tons on the April 18, 2008 when it lifted a barge, ballasted with water.

2 - The Walking Harvester…
This insane machine looks a bit like a giant walking spider, when in truth it’s just lumberjack….well, sort of. It’s quite a challenge for certain logging machinery to reach every spot where trees need to be cut, so this Plustech/Timberjack walking harvester is the answer to that problem. This machine is able to cross terrain that other machines aren’t able to, but having said that, it’s just a prototype at this stage but there’s definitely a spot for this in the not too distant future.


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