Doolittle Institute Live Stream - Small Business + AFRL THINK! - Ryan Helbach

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Small Business + AFRL THINK! Event - July 12, 2018

8:45 A.M.
Opening Remarks from
Doolittle Institute Director Carolyn Fries

9:00 A.M.
Innovation and Commercialization in AFRL with
Ryan Helbach. Ryan Helbach, Chief Intrapreneur
at AFRL, will discuss Innovation and Commercialization
opportunities within AFRL.

10:30 A.M.
Northwest Florida Forward Region Brief on Entrepreneurial
Accelerator & Incubator Efforts.
Accelerators and Incubators are fancy words for
players in the entrepreneurial landscape. Accelerators
support early-stage, growth-driven companies
through education, mentorship, and financing.
Startups enter accelerators for a fixed-period of
time, and as part of a cohort of companies. Incubators
are organizations geared toward speeding up
the growth and success of startup and early stage
companies. They’re often a good path to capital
from angel investors, state governments, economic-development
coalitions and other investors.

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