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Facing the Canon with Alister McGrath

Dr Alister McGrath, a former atheist who is now one of Christianity’s foremost scholars, is currently Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. After initial academic work in the natural sciences, McGrath turned to the study of theology and intellectual history, while occasionally becoming engaged in broader cultural debates about the rationality and relevance of the Christian faith. As a former atheist, McGrath is respectful, yet critical of the movement. In recent years, he has been especially interested in the emergence of ‘scientific atheism’, and has researched the distinctive approach to atheist apologetics found in the writings of the Oxford zoologist and scientific populariser Richard Dawkins. Follow J.John on Twitter For more details on J.John and the Philo Trust visit

Christopher Hitchens vs Alister McGrath- Georgetown University

Hitchens wrote "God is not Great" and McGrath is a former atheist who converted to Christianity.

Lecture - Dr Alister McGrath - C.S. Lewis and the Post Modern Generation: His Message 50 Years Later

This lecture by Dr Alister McGrath was sponsored by The Lanier Theological Library in Houston, TX and presented at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX, Saturday, March 23, 2012 titled: "C.S. Lewis and the Post Modern Generation: His Message 50 Years Later" Dr. Alister McGrath is a Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education at Kingʼs College London, and Head of its Center for Theology, Religion, and Culture. He is also Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, and President of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics. Until 2008, he was Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University. Dr. McGrath was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1953. He attended Methodist College, Belfast, in 1966 studying pure and applied mathematics, physics and chemistry. McGrath continued his education and eventually earned both a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics and a Doctorate of Divinity from Oxford University. The interactions between these two areas of study—Christian theology and the natural sciences—have been a major theme of his research work. As a former atheist, McGrath is respectful, yet critical of scientific atheism. He has frequently engaged in debate and dialogue with leading atheists, including Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins. McGrath has explored Charles Darwinʼs role in atheist apologetics and other controversial concepts of atheism, such as the "meme" in recent atheist accounts of the origins of belief in God. McGrath is working on many projects, including his research on the late C. S. Lewis and a major intellectual history of the Swiss Protestant theologian Emil Brunner. His new book to be published in March is entitled C. S. Lewis -- A Life. Reluctant Prophet, Eccentric Genius. This biography will be supplemented by a collection of eight major academic essays on Lewis, to be published in May 2013. Other forthcoming books are the first in a five-volume series entitled "Christian Belief for Everyone" and a new textbook on Christian History. For more infomation on the Lanier Theological Library:

Alister McGrath - from atheist scientist to Christian theologian // From The Archive

Renowned theologian Alister McGrath tells his story of coming to faith as an atheistic science undergraduate at Oxford University For debates, updates & bonus content sign up at For the weekly faith debate podcast •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Unbelievable? engages in fundamental questions on Christianity with the intention to openly discuss different opinions between Christians and non-believers. Each Saturday, in the award-winning programme Unbelievable, Justin Brierley asks questions like: Is there evidence for God? Can we trust the Bible? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and non-believers talking to each other.

Alister McGrath - What's the New Atheism?

What's 'new' about the New Atheists? Atheism has been around for a long time. There are surely new attitudes and confidence. Are there also new evidence and arguments? If you think that God exists, that is precisely why you should listen to atheists and follow their arguments. Because hope can trump reason, you could be entombed in false belief. Click here to watch more interviews with Alister McGrath Click here to watch more interviews on the new atheism Click here to buy episodes or complete seasons of Closer To Truth

An accomplished scientist and scholar, Alister McGrath criticizes the evangelism of the New Atheists and paves a logical well-argued road to the compatibility between science and faith.

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