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Mark Daniel pt 2- Throne Room Prayer - Lila Terhune


Dreams & Mysteries - The Mystery of the Word of Knowledge

The form of prophecy known as a word of knowledge is one of the most overlooked spiritual gifts in the Bible. However, this gift is one of the most incredible gifts available to believers to expand the Kingdom of God! Learn the importance of the form of prophecy, and see practical examples of this gift put into practice. In addition, Shawn Bolz shares some of his personal process in hearing from God.

Language of God Don’t say “it’s just a dream”, DREAMS! Lou Engle II VFNtv II

Dreams; Language of God Don’t say “it’s just a dream”, Lou Engle -http://VFNKB.com Can you imagine God, the Creator of the Universe talking to you? Would you say, ‘oh that’s just God’? God speaks to us in dreams. So many people hear about how God is speaking and they say, ‘it’s just a dream’. We cannot respond to the voice of God this way. During a recent panel of Lou Engle, Bill Johnson, and Benny Hinn, Lou Engle was asked to expound about hearing God’s voice in dreams. As Engle is asked this question, he cuts right to the core of the topic and points out these important words; “The last days language of the Holy Spirit is dreams.” When we comment saying ‘it’s just a dream’, we are dismissing the voice of God in our lives and in the lives of others. Engle asks this powerful question, “Who knows what angels had to fight through to break into your world, to give you their thoughts and you say, ‘it’s just a dream’? He continues by reminding us all, “I think the Church needs to stop saying ‘it’s just a dream’!’ Continue Reading Full Description Below... ★☆★ GET FULL CONTENT AND RELATED ARTICLES★☆★ http://tinyurl.com/y7cnmeyg ★☆★ WATCH FULL PROGRAM★☆★ http://tinyurl.com/ya8rhvx2 ★☆★ SOUND CLOUD AUDIO ★☆★ http://tinyurl.com/y8qkx7hh ★☆★ PARTNER NOW ★☆★ https://vfnkb.com/giving ★☆★ THE TORCH ★☆★ https://tinyurl.com/yd9hbpbh ★☆★ SIGN UP FOR THE TORCH NEWSLETTER ★☆★ https://tinyurl.com/y9jnmpne ★☆★ DONATE ★☆★ https://tinyurl.com/ycxg272w ★☆★ DOWNLOAD THE VFNTV APP TODAY ★☆★ https://tinyurl.com/y8akpt65 ★☆★ FOLLOW US BELOW ★☆★ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VFNKB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VFNKB Podcast: https://tinyurl.com/y9d574mb App: https://tinyurl.com/y8akpt65 ★☆★ WE HAVE A FREE ABIDING PLAN FOR YOU ★☆★ http://iAbide.org ★☆★ MEET MY FATHER, YOU'VE GOT TO MEET HIM ★☆★ http://meetmyfather.org When we spend time with Jesus, it is only a matter of time that we begin to hear His voice and His heart about that which is important to him. Engle points out that we need those around us who are also hearing the voice of God through dreams. “If you hang around the dream King, you get into a dream stream, you join yourself to a dream team, and you do the Martin Luther King thing.” Engle continues, “Every dream is a potential movement”. When we begin to look at dreams as the language of Heaven, we will receive more from these dreams as Heaven is intending for us to see them as. He highlights a recent dream that was given to Todd White that prompted White to adopt a baby. This caused Engle to realize “I see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of babies being adopted because of your story. Because a dream is like a seed. You stick with that dream long enough and it becomes a tree and you influence the world”. Engle begins to point out the purposes of what dreams can impart to us when we see them as the Last Days language of Heaven. “Dreams are so profound, they give you divine intelligence, they give you the secrets for deliverance…you get inner healing in your dreams”. As Engle shares these profound revelations, he points to a journey that he experienced in his own life when meeting with teenagers in Taiwan. After an all-night prayer meeting, he received a dream from the Lord. “Why should we waste a third of our lives without the language of heaven bombarding us?”, Engle asks. He believed the dream he received would bring revival. But, to his shock and surprise, the next day, when he got up to preach, he was interrupted by a powerful move of the Holy Spirit that moved upon all of the teenagers. Engle didn’t preach a word. Then God spoke to him. “This will never be about your preaching. It’s what I’ll do when kids pray.” As Engle continues this inspiring story, he continued to have meetings with these teenagers that were the Christian leaders in their schools. This was the beginning birthing of what is now known as “The Call”. It was this beginning process that birthed the reality of people standing before the Supreme Court with LIFE tape over their mouths, praying for abortion to stop in America. This was seen in a dream from God! As Engle describes it, “it was brilliant wisdom, because nobody can argue with silence…it’s silent prayer for those who have no voice. The media took it up and blasted it all over the world. They don’t like what we stand for, but they’re actually promoting the movement because we got authority over the media by divine revelation.” This is so exciting! Acts 2:17 declares, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

A Message for Wendy....

Kenneth Copeland shares a message for Wendy and the GOD TV Team given to him by the Holy Spirit. GOD TV was launched in 1995 as Europe's first daily Christian channel. From that day forward it has been a forerunner in Christian media worldwide turning the very destiny of the church through powerful, cutting edge programming that changes lives. For more visit ‪http://www.god.tv‬‬‬ Connect with us on Social Media: ‪http://www.facebook.com/godtv‬‬‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/godtv‬‬‬

Let's Get Real – 5 – Shame

The panel dicusses shame and how it stops believers from fulfilling God's call by shutting down their ability to reach others. Sarah Mhlanga talks about sharing her faith in the mainstream media.

Lou Engle of TheCall shares how GOD TV has contributed to the reach of the day and night prayer and missions movement worldwide. "GOD TV has taken the DNA of TheCall, fasting and prayer, massive fire evangelism and prayer all over the globe, into the remote places of the earth," he says. "Wherever I go people have heard of TheCall because of GOD TV... I believe the best days of GOD TV are still ahead of them."

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