Curved amber white strobe LED light bar

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Autofeel 52 Inch 5D LED Light Bar Review

Testing out an Autofeel 52 Inch 5D light bar! Here is a link to where you can check out this sweet light bar on amazon.... Here are the promo codes, These codes are for 20% off! code: FKQC9WQA Good for all sizes of the 5D STRAIGHT led light bars in the link. code: YUS6G94H Good for all sizes of the 5D CURVED led light bars in the link For some reason the above links that were given to me by the seller arent working and I will try to figure out why but the first promo code is good for all sizes of straight 5D Autofeel Light bars on Amazon and the second code is good for all sizes of curved 5D Autofeel light bars on Amazon. These links should work.... Straight lights Curved Lights

CREE Vs OSRAM LED Light Bar Comparison

Comparing two 20 inch LED light bars, one with 3 watt Cree LEDs and one with 5 watt Osram LEDs You can find the Cree light bar on Amazon, Here is the link The Osram light was found on Ebay but I dont have a link to that exact light bar.. just search for 20 inch osram light bar. Thanks for watching!

AUXBEAM C3 Series Tri-Row LED Light Bar Review

NOTE: This Auxbeam Light Bar may not be available anymore. You can see other Auxbeam light bars here: LED Light Bars ============== Shop Amazon Support Dial2Fast on Paypal Support Dial2Fast on Patreon Dial2Fast website Like us on Facebook

240 Amber LED Mini Strobe Light Bar Only requires a cigarette lighter to install. Bottom of the bar have magnets to easily post on top of the vehicle 7 Modes of strobe with just a push of a buttom

Super Bright 54-LED Emergency Vehicle Strobe Lights (Amber/White)

Brought to you by Universal Fit Super Bright 54-LED Emergency Vehicle Strobe Warning Flash Light Kit (Amber + White Color, 3 Flashing Mode). For more information about our LED warning light series, please visit

Amber white color change light bar
Amber strobe , white strobe, solid amber , solid white

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