Easy DIY Kaftan Dress / Cover Up

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Ignore my long waisted mannequin, she be brokedid LOL Piccies coming soon when I get a chance to neaten it up a little and wear it! This is the commonly know abbaya style 'farasha' which means 'butterfly' for obvious reasons, the batwing-ness to it! I did this very quickly for you guys, I urge you all to TAKE YOUR TIME when doing yours and thinking through every step so that its logical in your head lol. Remember you 15% discount code 'lazydoll' when getting your IMFW14 tickets here! http://www.imfw2014.com/#!tickets/cmuq

DIY: Easy Batwing Abaya for beginners designs #3| Bobiz Kollection

Heeyyyy this is the MOST requested and Awaited Abaya tutorial. Explained and shown in very easy and basic steps. Great for beginners to make something like this good looking and own it like a pro😎☺️ I wanna say thank you to aaaalll my such lovely subscribers. THE BEST ONES EVER!!! 😫🙏THANK YOU ALL for your positive feedback and encouraging comments. ❤️💞💖❤️ 👗Facebook: http://Facebook.com/BobizKollection 👗Instagram:http://Instagram.com/BOBIZKOLLECTION 👗Twitter:http://Twitter.com/@bobizkollection 👗Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/BobizKollection Send me pictures and makes requests...☝🙄 😊💖❤️💞

DIY Long Cape Lace - Membuat Cape brokat Panjang untuk Pesta

Assalamualaikum... Masih edisi kondangan, punya baju yg sudah beberapa kali dipake gak enak juga kalo itu2 lagi. Biar agak beda dibikinlah long cape yg lagi nge hits saat ini. Untuk bikin Cape panjang ini butuh kain brokat 1.5m dengan lebar 110cm. Oh ya tinggi saya 158cm, kalo tingginya diatas itu tentu bahan yg dibutuhkan lebih banyak. Seprti biasa beli bahannya via shopee, permeter 30rb jadi total 45rb untuk 1,5m kain. Lumayan hemat tanpa harus beli baju baru😁 Sekian dulu ceritanya, kalau ada yg belum jelas bisa tanya2 di comment. jangan lupa like,share n subscribe ya... Terimakasih Wassalamualaikum😘

दुपट्टे से काफ्तान सिलने का आसान तरीका(हिंदी में)Kaftan Kurti from dup...

दुपट्टे से काफ्तान सिलने का आसान तरीका /Stylish Kaftan Kurti from Old dupatta in 10 Minutes in hindi आप कैसे अपने पुराने कपड़े और अन्य बेकार सामग्री पुन: उपयोग करे पर हम बहुत सारे वीडियो शेयर करते हैं । नीचे दिए गए टिप्पणियों( comments ) में हमें बताएं कि आप इस वीडियो के बारे में क्या सोचते हैं। देखने के लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद, आप सभी को प्यार !! We share with you lots of DIYs on how to reuse your old clothes and other waste materials. Let us know what you think of this video in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching, love you all !! Subscribe my Channel like ,comment and subscribe Other Related Videos: here is other video making a diy necklace and diy earring by using diy old bracelet https://youtu.be/bZDnNlUsIp4 here is one more video it is how to making DIY lamps and diy decor candle at the last moment for diy party it is a video to show how to reuse old an wanted box to nice diy lamp to diy home decore /diy decor room. "https://youtu.be/yspF5WWJs28" डिजाइनर साड़ी के लिए पोम पोम लेस कैसे बनाये/Pom Pom Lace Making for Designer Saree/Stole/Dupatta DIY / How to || Make Designer saree || at Home in Hindi || Paste Flower On Saree || Put Lace On Saree https://youtu.be/ciiiUnyxhyE DIY a valentine's day gift idea for husband /boy freand /bff/ bf girlfreand /gf https://youtu.be/sh-Yt6AFg_A&t=5s to make diy choker at home within 5 min. https://youtu.be/jW4YWYlv-VI&t=13s Diy multi purpose diy case( diy earphone case, diy jewellery case, diy watch case, diy coin purse. https://youtu.be/udFGI9wN32k diy iPhone plus paper diy notepad https://youtu.be/5uyviGeJEnI how to backup data from corrupt Windows https://youtu.be/MPhtOdbi8Bs diy Trolls movie photo / booth frame /diy party fream https://youtu.be/9a4qMyA7yVk how to trace image from laptop to cardboard / paper for diy project https://youtu.be/Q89ZzOj5k8s DIY: easy and quick Easter egg diy basket https://youtu.be/GFWnq_fE8Vc Diy pom pom & rose hair pin https://youtu.be/GDROsSlRckk ******************** Connect with me on: ******************** Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/neerjas_creations/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Neerjas-Creations-1196518440426729/

Amaryllis Convertible Kaftan in different ways - How to Wear YAY Convertible Beach Wrap

Watch video guide on how to wear The YAY Amaryllis Convertible Kaftan. Create many unique looks from just one item. Amaryllis Convertible Kaftan, a beach wrap that can be worn on its own or in pair, and transform to 12 plus unique looks. This kaftan goes perfectly for a gateway to the beach or can be worn in the hot summer day as a layering piece, wrap, shawl or sarong. It multitasks just like you do! Visit http://www.yaydesigns.com/collection

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Light, flowy and feminine Kaftan dress! Very simple to make :)

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