NCC - Unboxing & Review Microphone Condenser Taffware BM 700

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New Creation Church [I See Grace] 10.Only You

ONLY YOU Album: I See Grace (2007) D A G Jesus, You have won me with Your love A Now my heart belongs to You D You are my Saviour, my King A G With You I have everything A In my life there's only You D A Bm * Only You, You died to set me free G A Now I'm Yours for all eternity D A Bm Only You can love me like You do G A D My desire, my life, only You D A G Jesus, when I look into Your eyes A I know everything will be alright D Here in Your embrace A G I am humbled by Your grace A With my life I worship You

$1 Microphone Vs $200 Microphone ASMR (10 triggers)

Is a $1 Lavalier Microphone good enough for ASMR videos? Let me know your thoughts. I know that there are a lot of comparison videos out there but I wanted to do an ASMR video using two totally different microphones. I got inspired to make this after watching two specific videos. The first video is from the talented Big Marvel, where he uses a "1$ microphone" and a "4000$ microphone". I would actually love to test the Pokemon mic he uses in the video. He might have made him by himself. The second video is from the not famous at all Pewdiepie, where he talks about young people "flexing". Actually, thanks for this video, I learned a new English word. I didn't know that "flexing" had this meaning until I watched the video. I first thought about doing an entire ASMR video with my $1 microphone but decided to do this one first. So, basically, I wanted to do a kind of "reverse flexing" by using something not expensive to make a video. If you enjoy the sound of the $1 mic, I could take the time to make another video using only this mic. Actually, I was surprised by the quality of this mic considering the price. I was thinking it would be really noisy but it rather quiet. I wanted to make a kind of triggers battle between those two mics so I first made a video, where the $1 triggers alternate with the $200 triggers. I spent 6 hours editing the video, listened to it but thought it was pretty bad and boring. My attention span might have reduced a lot recently, I don't know. So, I decided to take the first edit and to make the video again, mixing every sounds in different ways. The first minute is a "similar triggers comparison". After that, I mixed the different triggers in order to create something relaxing without being boring. The last 3 minutes of the videos are layered sounds. I thought this would also be interesting. Layering the cheap mic and the normal mic trigger sounds. The 10 triggers to help you sleep today: 1 | Whispered Tingles 2 | Plastic Glass Tapping 3 | Cardboard Scratching 4 | Zip Sound 5 | Mouth Sound Tunnel 6 | Wood Box Tapping 7 | Bubble Wrap (Plastic crinkle) 8 | Put your Gloves on 9 | Dictionary Tapping 10 | Lid Opening & Closing All of the triggers are mixed so I hope you enjoy all of the sounds ^^ I hope that this video made you relax, feel better and that you'll fall asleep before reaching the layered sounds part! :D Thanks for watching. Good night, friends! :) === SUBSCRIBE, it's free: === You can support me through Paypal: === Social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: === ASMR Playlist: French: Japanese: Korean: English: Hungarian: Italiano:

Review Mic Clip On 100Ribuan Kualitasnya SANGAT BAIK untuk youtuber PEMULA YouTube

video review Microphone clip on / mic jepit / mic kecil murah harga seratus ribuan kualitasnya kaya mic profesional buat kalian yang mau jadi youtubers, tentunya kalian butuh gear buat syuting tapi untuk kalian youtubers indonesia pemula pasti belum ada modal besar untuk mulai bikin di youtube jadi gak perlu pakai alat yang mahal mahal untuk bikin video youtube yang bagus selain kamera , ada alat penting juga yaitu microphone, di video ini aku share sebuah microphone murah mic jepit , mic clip on , yang bisa di colok langsung ke hp microphone ini bisa dibilang microphone wireless karena dalam penggunaanya tidak perlu konek ke kamera secara langsung jadi bisa digunakan untuk jarak jauh cocok sekali untuk moto vlog,prank video , interview , dsb aku sendiri sering pake mic ini untuk nge cover lagu , pas lagi outdoor , dan dadakan , mic ini noisenya kecil banget , aman buat rekaman dipake buat smule juga pasi asoy geboy deh hehehe clip on mic indonesia best clip on mic, clip on mic review, clip on microphone , clip on mic test best clip on microphone microphone murah untuk youtuber microhone murah gaming microphone android microhone mini untuk hp . keep in touch Youtuber Pekalongan

BM-700 Microphone Review | Tagalog

Review of BM-700 Condenser Mic. Buy this at: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "PAUTANGIN MO!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

NCC - Gagal Misi Weapon Master PUBG Mobile Kok Malah Gini?!? P'A 😆😅

Ceritanya mau ngerjain misinya aja 😆 Lahh malah jadinya gini?!? P'A 😅😅😂😂 Bodo amatan 😝😜 Mabar nyokkk JLT๛LtNala (579722361) JLT๛SgtFurie (580563973) JLT๛Ahjussi (5222440509) JLT๛Ahjumma (5319053044) Thanks ya udah mampir, jangan lupa : LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & klik icon loncengnya. Supaya kalian gak ketinggalan video2 terbaru di channel ini, karena akan ada banyak video2 seru lainnya. Thanks cmiwww Nala & Furie Instagram : Facebook :

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