Enterprise-architecture in a small-business - Episode 24, Tetradian on Architectures

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What is Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF)

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How To Succeed As a Young Architect

http://architectbusinesstips.com/ Think you can't succeed as a young architect without a portfolio or years of experience? Not so. Watch this video to find out why. Share video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfln5j1oqLg

What is Agile?

This short cartoon answers the question "What Is Agile?" and will give you the background you need to understand the Agile principles and values and how they can help you and your team work together more efficiently. If you'd like a free book on this topic, please see below... I've published a book called "Starting Agile" that is designed to help you start your team's Agile journey out right. You can buy a copy from Amazon, but I'm giving free copies away to my subscribers from YouTube. You can signup for a copy at this link: https://mailchi.mp/326ba47ba2e8/agile...

Top 10 Enterprise Architect Questions - Question#1 How Do I Become an Enterprise Architect

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Business Architects - Time For Change in 2018

Traditionally, business architects have focused inwards in the organization. Is it time to shift perspective? I make the case that the external environment is changing fast and business architects have to adapt. 2018 is the time to do that.

Episode 24 - Enterprise-architecture in a small-business

Can enterprise-architecture be of value to a small-business? What are some basic EA principles that could be useful in everyday practice?

This episode explores four key tactics that any business can use:
-- identify the broader shared-enterprise that the business is in
-- identify the shared vision and values of that broader enterprise, to validate the business-model and business-architecture
-- use the tagline of 'Things work better when they work together, on-purpose' to guide how to make the business work better as a whole
-- build the architecture-maturity in a structured way.

The topic for this episode was suggested by Daniel Faucitt.

For more information, see:
-- post 'Methods for whole-enterprise architecture – Keep it simple', http://weblog.tetradian.com/2016/07/26/methods-for-whole-enterprise-architecture-keep-it-simple/
-- slidedeck 'Stepping-stones of enterprise-architecture: Process and practice in the real enterprise', https://www.slideshare.net/tetradian/steppingstones-of-enterprisearchitecture-process-and-practice-in-the-real-enterprise


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