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Floating shelves can enhance any area. For less than $10 you could make 3 all of these. The beauty of this is you can make them with no hardware. Shelf Dimension: (31inL) X (7.25inD) X (1.5inH) View all my plans: Find me on Social media Instagram: Facebook: Help us make more videos here: -----------------------------------Materials Used------------------------------------- 2in X 8in X 8ft Southern yellow (You can use larger or smaller lumber) 1/2in dowel (36in rod) (3) 1in wood screw for safety Minwax Gel Stain - Minwax Pre- Stain Wood Conditioner Minwax Spay on polyurethane Spray paint Grip - (6) 3in wood screw to mount wall ---------------------- Tools Used (not all required)---------------------------------- Mini miter box and saw Circular Saw - Orbital sander Level - drill bit - Speed Square - Tape measure Stud finder Material Support Stand countersink drill bit set Dead Blow Mallet Chest Vest - (optional) Drywall Screw Anchor --------------------Camera and recording equipment I use ----------------------- Camera - Mic - --------------------------------Limited Tools Videos -------------------------------- If your new to woodworking with little to no tool check out my "Limited Tools Videos (For beginners)"

Invisible & strong Hardware /Floating Shelf with Epoxy Flame

INVISABLE STRONG Hardware /Floating Shelf with Epoxy Floating shelves with epoxy. Invisible , strong hardware for floating shelf was the reason to make this video. Strong & invisible hardware is the key to have nice looking floating shelf. This new video is a part of my " floating themed" videos. My little niece asked me " Uncle can you make me a shelf above my desk so i won't forget any books to take in school? Who can resist that.. And i did. Since i was having some health issues and didn't work much i took this opportunity and film it too. I said to my self..if she wants to have a shelf for books than she's gonna get the best shelf possible. It will be strong, floating style and with epoxy for unique messure. And i spice it a little bit and carved out some lines and mix some epoxy. Blue is her favourite color she told me and i bought some blue pigments and added special glitt to achieve that sparkling look. Overall she was super happy with it and as you can saw in video shelf was immediately used. The problem with floating shelves ia that they aren't sturdy/ strong. Usually there is a hidden bracket and is mounted to a wall with couple of sleeves and screws. Actually because of that shelves must be as light as possible because they can have hard time supporting their self. That isn't the case with this one. My simple to make solution makes floating shelves super strong. In order to have ridged sturdy shelves you have to have some support in the wall. And to achieve that is super simple. I drill 2x 16mm holes to fit 14mm sleeves , and i put sleevs in and fill it with mortar anchor. Than i assembled support together and hammer it in. Than i added screw in the centre. That screw was squeezing the shelf support square to the wall and hold it firmly till mortar has cured. After i attached shelf onto the support. I was thinking to add one tiny screw or pin just to prevent shelf to slide off etc. But it was really unnecessary. Shelf is 100 % secure. After all the forces are working down on the shelf not to the sides or from the wall out :-) I made some of this floating shelves with same hardware in the past and i know that they were strong and sturdy but i didn't actually tested one for sure. So with this one i took some fitness weights from my sister Gym and in total i put 22kg on top ( around 50 lb ). Shelf didn't sag or bowed or anything. It was still 90° to the wall. So if you will make it for yourself and if you will folow my processes I'm 100% sure that they will last and hold any reasonable stress. Mortar anchor can be bought in any store almost. Specially in stores where they sell ceramic tiles or construction materials. Mortar gets cured in around 30 mins at room temperature. ( depends on the brand). Previous " floating " videos Table : Launge chair : In this video i present my fellow woodworker from states. He is good woodworker with cool and creative ideas... He has a smaller channel for now so give him a visit and subscribe to him. Thank you Here : OR HERE To be updated folow me on Instagram HERE : My friend cutting board FB page here : MY FREE CUTTING BOARD PLANS Here : THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !

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රු 800 ත් 5000 ත් අතර ජනප්‍රියම ටෙක් ගැජට්ස් මෙන්න - Popular Tech Gadget Sri Lanka Rs 800 - Rs 5000 - this is the review and explained video of VR Box with Bluetooth controller, Xiaomi MI Band 2, Solar Powered mobile power bank, magnatic lightning cable for iphone. Review and Price in Sri lanka with Home Delivery. explained by Chanux bro. Sinhala Geek Show. - (Remax available too) Contact me on - Website : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter :

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