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How to Price your Jewelry to Sell and Make a Profit!

Tips and a simple price setting formula to keep you in the jewelry business and also keep you happy!!

Amazon FBA Vs MFN Selling By Closeoutexplosion.com

https://closeoutexplosion.com/products/fba-vs-mfn-which-fulfillment-option-is-better-for-amazon-sellers FBA vs MFN: Which Fulfillment Option is Better for Amazon Sellers Amazon is a global online selling platform that has since become a household name to name. The American e-commerce store has gained global influence and notoriety since it’s inception 22 years ago in 1994. Amazon is the worlds largest online retailers selling everything you can imagine, apart from livestock. In the beginning one could only buy books from Amazon, now you easily source Korean beauty products and kitchen appliances at the best prices through Amazon. Amazon has already approximately had 2.6 billion visits to it’s website. It’s no wonder that why they attract sellers and vendors to their great platform. They also offer unique shipping methods their competing e-commerce superstore counterparts don’t. Studies have revealed that 44% of America’s population is at least 20 miles away of an Amazon warehouse or delivery station. Amazon has a unique and highly efficient delivery infrastructure that includes over180 warehouses, 28 sorting centers, 59 local package delivery stations, and 65 collection hubs. Of its quarter of a million employees, more than 90,000 are stationed in fulfillment centers across the US. There are two main types of shipping/ delivery programmes Amazon offer. One is called Amazon FBA and the other MFN. Amazon FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon is a great shipment programme Amazon offers that helps small businesses grow faster while giving customers a top notch service. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)’s is a logistics solution by Amazon in which you first opt for the programme then send your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centre. Now when someone orders a product and you are opted in with Amazon FBA your product will be delivered to them by Amazon. They will �fulfill’ every aspect associated with online shopping. They will package and wrap the product to be sent off. If there are any issues they will also handle customer service and manage returns on your behalf. Amazon MFN or Merchant Fulfilled Network resembles the more hands on traditional concept of online shopping many know and understand. Amazon MFN will make you work and perspire especially if you are getting a lot of sales. You can get away with selling a handful of items as the time to package, seal and ship the items will not be as time consuming, however times that situation by 100 or even 1000 if you have a lot of stock and a lot of orders. The ball will entirely be in your court. You’re in control of the inventory. Whether you want to store it at a local storage house or in your garage. It’s our choice, you just have to ship it when an order comes in. There are pro’s and con’s to both programmes. With FBA you have to potential to easily start a side hustle. You can bulk order popular, on trend items and quickly send them to Amazon for all the nitty - gritty to be done for you. This allows flexibility for those wanting their own business but not ready to leave they day job yet. MFN will need your full and undivided attention. If are still wanting to work day job it can get stressful trying to manage orders and complaints after a full day at work. You have the potential to sell a lot more items with FBA compared to MFN because of the differing delivery fulfilment methods. MFN has it’s virtues as don’t have to pay Amazon some of the product’s price for the �seller fee’. You get to keep all that hard earned cash in your bank account. Plus you can sell your super rare and valuable items on MFN such as limited edition book you know won’t be printed again. Overall when wanting to know which is better for you, always analyse the nature what you’re selling, the quantity of stock and the time you have to manage the sales.

Wholesale High End Lace Dresses For Girls By Closeoutexplosion.com

http://www.closeoutexplosion.com Closeout Explosion is a New York wholesale export fashion business. Wholesale Designer Handbag Directory http://www.wholesalequest.com Brand Name Handbag Deals In New York http://www.exotic-elegance-handbags.com Wholesale Closeout Fashion Jewelry http://www.wholesalejewelrydropshipper.com How To Sell Your Products To Walmart http://www.howtosellyourproducttowalmart.com

Succeeding In Retail Arbitrage On Amazon By Closeoutexplosion.com

https://closeoutexplosion.com/products/retail-arbitrage-on-amazon-retail-store Retail arbitrage is used to refer to purchase of products at a discount from a retail store, wholesaler or a boutique and then reselling them at a profit. It is a form of business done by many people all over the world aiming to earn some extra cash. This is because it involves little capital and minimal risk as compared to other forms of businesses. There are various retail stores where one can source for the retail goods. Some of the examples include Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Gamespot, Craiglist, Outlet Stores and local Boutique shops. However one of the best retail arbitrage is through Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Shoppers from all over the world flock Amazon looking for all types of products. This means there is a big opportunity of e-commerce for anyone interested. Amazon has an FBA program which can help ordinary people to sell their stuff online. To start retail arbitrage with amazon you first need to open Amazon seller account. There are two types of amazon seller account, that is professional or individual . A professional account costs $39.99/month with a full month free trial. When it comes to individual account there are no monthly subscription. You are only charged $o.99 for every item that sells. Each account has its advantages and disadvantages. if someone is planning on selling less than forty items it is advantageous to use individual account. However if you plan on selling more than forty items the most appropriate account is professional account since you will be making a saving in every item you sell after the fortieth one. In this business one needs a bit of help in figuring out what to resell and what not to. The best helper is Amazon seller App. You will need to download the app into your smart phone. This app scans your products and indicates which are the best to sell otherwise you will end up incurring huge losses by selling wrong products. Once you have downloaded seller App the next step is to scan the products to see which ones are more profitable and will sell within shortest time possible. This can sometimes presents a challenge. There are various categories of product and one should select the one you are interested in. It is best for beginner to choose categories they are familiar with. It is also important to note that some categories are restricted and need approval for someone to trade in them. Example of this categories include collectible books, automotive & powersport, beauty, fine arts gift cards, independent design, healthcare and many more. Beginners should avoid this categories until they gain experience to expand to the categories. After selecting the category you would love to trade in, make a list of stores in your area that sell those items. After this, conduct scouting. This is where you visit the retail stores and scan the bar codes of the products using your Amazon seller App. This is the most time consuming task. You only need to resell product which will sell three time the amount you paid for .Scanning the products will tell you which one meets these conditions. After going to store and identifying products to sell profitably, list the products. For beginners it involves logging into your account , go to inventory and then add product. Your listing need not only to be competitively priced but also complete and optimized. The good thing with Amazon is that it lets you know in case one of your listing is lacking by sending an alert requiring appropriate adjustment. Each of the products you have entered will receive a label which should be printed out After that Amazon will tell you where to sent the products. Once the products get there they will be added to your inventory. You can easily monitor the sale of your products through your account. You will be able to see sales and fees charged, any amount deposited to your account and what is owed to you. Amazon arbitrage is good business for a side income. Anyone interested can easily get into this business and there are many online tutorials on the same

Amazon Selling Machine Course Explanation By Closeoutexplosion.com

https://closeoutexplosion.com/products/amazon-selling-machine-course Amazon Selling Machine Course Amazon Selling Machine Course: What you must know and is it worth you money? If you’re planning to get in the retail arbitrage business, enrolling in the Amazon Selling Machine course is a great investment. You will learn valuable buying and selling lessons from the experts without having to commit mistakes before learning them. Benefits from Amazon Selling Machine Course 1. Product Selection Criteria 2. Recorded videos and guidelines are provided in the course so you know what particular types of products are selling like hot pancakes on Amazon. This is critical in the success of you arbitrage business. You have to understand what customers are interested in buying so the return on your investment is also quick. 3. How to Be Approved to Sell On Amazon 4. Amazon follows strict criteria when approving sellers on the platform. It can be really tough to get approved if you have no idea what the rules are. The Amazon Selling Machine will teach you how to get your account approved in as little time as possible. This will allow you to start your arbitrage business and make money right away. 5. Deeper Understanding of the Arbitrage Business 6. The ASM is packed with knowledge, guidelines and marketing tools to help you skyrocket your online selling business. Learn how to launch a product and market them by driving massive traffic to your Amazon store. Without internet marketing and high volume of traffic, it’s really difficult to sell an item. This is why ASM is a must-buy course for people who are serious in the arbitrage business. Does the program work for all types of sellers? The Amazon Selling Machine course is designed for people selling particularly on the Amazon platform, although you will learn valuable lessons on traffic generation which you can also apply on other marketplaces. What is the most important benefit from ASM? Most sellers find it difficult to choose a product for selling. After spending a lot of time thinking and researching the possible options, they still couldn’t decide. Sometimes, the products that they pick would sit on the Amazon store for 2 months and still no customer is willing to buy them. ASM is a course that can help tremendously if you are this type of seller. You’ll get an insight on customer shopping attitude and you’d be able to choose items that sell quickly. More importantly, ASM also teaches how to keep the momentum so you won’t have dry months. Features of the Amazon Selling Course The current course release by Amazon has 8 modules. Each module is packed with knowledge and secret tips and hacks that will help you increase your sales. • Module 1 is about building a list of profitable products • Module 2 will teach you how to find suppliers and product samples • Module 3 is about brand creation and how to manage and keep your inventory • Module 4 is filled with lessons that will make your own brand visible in the Amazon marketplace • Module 5 will teach you how to create your product page that will attract customers to buy • Module 6 provides a guideline on how to launch a product • Module 7 gives you the marketing tools to drive traffic to your product page • Module 8 is about the next level of doing arbitrage sales. What are the pricing options for the Amazon Selling Machine? The ASM can be heavy on the pocket at $3,997 with a 30 days money back guarantee offer. However, if you are going to look at the benefits and lessons that this course is offering, it’s no brainer that it’s a worth investment. You can earn as much as a million dollars from retail arbitrage if you do it the right way. The ASM can help you boost your retail sales which also mean that your earning potential is actually unlimited. Is there a cheaper option? There are plentiful of courses out there. However, these courses are not comparable with Amazon Selling Machine in terms of expertise. Boost your knowledge and skills in retail arbitrage after taking this course. Apply everything you’ve learned and you’re sure to make more sales.

http://www.closeoutexplosion.com Closeout Explosion is a New York wholesale export fashion business.

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