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How to Use a Staple Gun - Staple Gun Tutorial

How to use a staple gun - Staple Gun Tutorial. This is what a staple gun looks like and how cheap they are to buy. This one is on offer: but read more below.... Used in the right place, staple guns can be a very useful piece of kit. If possible, go for an electrically operated one which will be capable of more heavy duty jobs. Buy the best you can afford and it will pay for itself in a very short time and will certainly last for many years, enabling you to accomplish a multitude of DIY and home repair tasks quickly and easily. The heavier duty staplers are capable of fixing fence panels and light woodworking jobs and with the addition of glue will effect an extremely strong joint or repair. The one I have featured is a light duty gun but is still a very useful tool to buy. The stapler that I use in the video, is a light duty one but it can still do a lot of jobs. Click on this link to view some staple guns. This one is a best seller and many positive reviews: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Rivet Gun - How to use a Pop Rivet Gun" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Milwaukee M12 Crown Stapler 3/8" T50 Cordless 2447-20 & 2447-21 NPS17 - Replace you manual stapler with a cordless and save your hands. This m12 stapler can do 1500 staples ona single m12 battery. Compact design is barely larger than a manual staple and will fit in the tool belt or use belt clip. Can use any depth T50 staples.

Framers Corner PFK04 Hand Operated Frame Making Kit

A simple guide to show how to use the Framers Corner PFK04 Hand Operated Frame Making Kit. It shows how to make a professional picture frame without the expense of an underpinner. The kit also includes a range of picture hanging hardware including hooks, screw eyes, screw rings, brass pins, wire, wedges , V nails and D rings.

5 Best Woodworking Tools You Should Have

5 Best woodworking tools You should have 1. Concealed Hinge Jig - Make cabinet door installation easy! Get drill press accuracy with any hand drill. 2. Cabinet Hardware Jig - Install Knobs and Pulls with Easy, Repeatable Accuracy. 3. Bench Clamps - Quick, Easy Benchtop Clamping. 4. Drawer Slide Jig - Install Drawer Slides the Fast, Easy Way for Drawers That Fit Perfectly Every Time and Slide Smoothly. 5. Kreg Jig® K5 - Advanced Features for Building with Wood. Website:

Rapid Heavy-Duty Staple Gun with Extra Staples - STAPLE

Rapid Heavy-Duty Staple Gun + Extra Staples Staple guns (also known as tackers) are used by tradesmen to fix a variety of materials in place, either for temporary positioning, or for permanent fixing. Boards, panels, beads and fabrics are among the common items a professional stapler will have to deal with on a regular basis. This Rapid Professional heavy-duty machine is an extremely powerful tacker and is well established in the market. It has been designed and developed to deal with prolonged period of heavy use, and features an all steel construction, and with a long life mechanism capable of over 100,000 firings. This staple gun fits comfortably into the hand and has no recoil making it easy to use for long periods if required. It has an adjustable drive force for securing on to hard or soft materials and to assist driving long staples. This ensures that the material is not damaged when the staple is fired, and that the best possible fixing is achieved. Recommended for securing a wide range of materials such as ceiling tiles, insulation materials, plastic sheeting, thin boards, card, leather, carpets etc. Supplied with a pack of 10mm Galvanised Staples. The staple gun will fire staples from 6mm up to 14mm deep. Contents & Features • Anti-recoil mechanism. • All steel construction. • Adjustable driving force. • Fires 6mm up to 14mm staples. • Supplied with a pack of 10mm staples.


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