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How It's Made Cotton yarn

[ SiRUBA ] -- ABF: Automatic Button Feeding Device

Learn more about SiRUBA:

How Hawaiian Shirts & Dresses are Made

Most of our Hawaiian dresses and shirts are still made in Hawaii much as they were decades ago. Since most clothing in the US is manufactured overseas, most of us never get to go into a factory to see how stuff is made. Lucky for us, we get to see this process every week. The process can be broken down into a few key steps. 1. The manufacturer must choose what prints and colors for the production run. 2. Hundreds of layers of fabric are rolled out onto a cutting table. 3. Dress or shirt parts are cut out with an electric knife. 4. These parts are transported to contractors to sew into a completed dress or shirt. 5. Each shirt and dress must then be ironed by hand as efficiently as possible. 6. The shirts and dresses are now ready for shipment to various retailers around the world. For a more detailed look at this process, see our at Mahalo!

The Best Shirts Pressing Machine

Let us introduce you to the Hottest Shirt Body Cuff and Collar all in one pressing machine, the first machine that allows you to dry and finish of your items after laundry at the same time; space, time, and energy saving ADT-B138 2010!

JUKI - Polo Shirt Production

This video outlines just some of the uses Juki sewing machines have in the production of Polo Shirts. The machines shown in the video are: AMS-221ENSS3020/72001764 MO-6714DA MF-7923U11B56 MF-7523DULLB56

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