Outerwear Declutter | Minimalism

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5 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life // Minimalism Living

Minimalism is a way to remove excess from your life. This allows your to focus more on the important things that make you happy, feel fulfilled and free! The minimalist lifestyle has gotten me out of debt, decreased my anxiety, helped me save thousands of dollars, and most importantly... I now love and appreciate everything in my life. This goes beyond material things, too. What you do for a living, friendships and relationships... minimalism teaches you to hold on to aspects of your life that you LOVE. So if you have a toxic friendship or relationship... it teaches you to let go as well. For more information about minimalist, you can check out the resources on my personal website: https://www.kristenleake.com/pages/minimalism-living Sell clothes to Thred Up: http://www.thredup.com ↠ FREE Resources ↞ ✩ SIGN UP FOR MOTIVATIONAL EMAILS: https://www.kristenleake.com/ ✩ BLOG: https://www.kristenleake.com/blogs/news ✩ 30 WAYS TO (PAINLESSLY) DITCH SUGAR: http://bit.ly/ditchsugarbook ✩ MINIMALISM LIVING: https://www.kristenleake.com/pages/minimalism-living ✩ UX FOR BEGINNERS: https://www.kristenleake.com/pages/ux-for-beginners ✩ MAKE MONEY ONLINE: https://www.kristenleake.com/pages/make-money-online ↠ Learn. Grow. Expand. ↞ ☼ JOIN TEAM RELENTLESS: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122784341776631/ ☼ ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: http://bit.ly/kristencoaches ☼ INTERESTED IN CODING BOOTCAMP? http://bit.ly/2ofmVHP ☼ LEARN HTML, JAVASCRIPT, iOS & MORE: http://bit.ly/2KD17oL ↠ Shop ↞ ☯ MY CODING BOOTCAMP BOOK: http://bit.ly/2t9cBXh ☯ MY FAVORITE BOOKS: https://www.kristenleake.com/collections/favorite-books ☯ RECOMMENDED CODING & DESIGN BOOKS: https://www.kristenleake.com/collections/coding-design ☯ PRODUCTIVITY HACKS: https://www.kristenleake.com/collections/productivity ☯ MY YOUTUBE GEAR: https://www.kristenleake.com/collections/my-youtube-gear

Closet Declutter: Jackets + Coats // Minimalism

Link to my Depop shop: https://www.depop.com/ants4sale Hi everybody! Today I decluttered my jackets and coats, as part of my decluttering series for this winter. I hope that seeing my process helps you in your own decluttering! If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe! Also feel free to comment suggestions for new videos, I really appreciate it.

Closet Cleanout 2018 | Declutter My Wardrobe With Me

$10 for you to spend on ThredUp - http://www.thredup.com/r/UQQ3RU A good old fashioned wardrobe declutter and closet clean out in preparation for a clothing haul! Non-Cash Donations Calculator by donationcalculator.com —————————————————————————— 📸: https://www.instagram.com/irljaks 📩 business inquiries: irljaks@outlook.com 🤞🏻🤞🏽 Subscribe to see what happens next on our infertility journey. 🤞🏻🤞🏽


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Just me decluttering my outerwear.
Filmed this weeks ago, finally put it up.
Hope you guys enjoy ♥ xo

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