Elimination Chamber Match eliminations: WWE Top 10

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The Undertaker Vs Batista Vs The Great Khali Vs Big Daddy V Vs MVP - Elimination Chamber Full Match

This is the heaviest most brutalized WWE elimination chamber match in history. This match has Great Khali and Big Daddy V in it and I ranked it at #2. That says something about how good it has to be. In fact, Khali being Khali is really the only reason this isn’t #1. I’ve always felt that Batista was Undertaker’s best regular opponent. More than even Michaels. They always brought out the best of each other and there was such a neat dynamic. Batista isn’t scared or overpowered when it comes to Undertaker and respects him as an equal. That’s incredibly rare to see in an Undertaker feud. This is the end of their lengthy, year-long rivalry and it begins and ends with the two fighting each other. Big Daddy V and Khali are entrants #3 and #4 respectively and are treated as nothing more than random boss battle distractions. Batista and Undertaker are able to take them each down within minutes through unintentionally working together. That gives us Finlay next, who takes the fight to both of them, unlike the final contestant MVP, who just wants to hide from the violent monsters. They always play up how nigh-impossible it is to run and hide in the Elimination Chamber and MVP ends up showing that off better than anyone else. He attempts to escape Undertaker’s wrath by climbing up top a pod, only for Undertaker to follow him, grab him by the throat and fling him down to the mat. It’s such an awesome spot. Finlay arms himself with a shillelagh and even that’s not enough to stop the Undertaker. Once he’s eliminated, we’re back to Undertaker vs. Batista. The two guys who deserve to win the most, not just because of stature and in-ring ability but because they both have an axe to grind with current champion Edge. With it still even between the two, the match ends with one of the most original uses of the Chamber’s architecture. Batista has Undertaker over his shoulder and slams him into the cage outside of the ring. He bounces back from the impact, they hit the ropes, Undertaker falls to his feet in the ring, and smoothly reverses it so that he’s holding Batista in Tombstone position. Boom, Undertaker wins his spot at WrestleMania. Comment what you think about the match and if you a real fan of WWE subscribe for more awesome WWE videos.

The Elimination Chamber is one of the most dangerous and creative WWE matches, and these 10 WWE Superstars suffered the most unforgettable, jaw-dropping eliminations.
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