Solder removal from a circuit board

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Easy ways how to solder unsolder / desolder parts and wires with flux

Easy ways how to solder and unsolder / desolder parts on circuit board and soldering wires, soldering tips and tricks with flux tutorial easy soldering techniques guide (updated version) The Best portable soldering iron iso-tip : The Top best value soldering iron :

Solder 54pin ram chip with hotair only

soldering a 54 pin ram chip with hotair only.... i used a bit too much solderpaste as you can see but solved the lil problem instantly....

When to use Flux ?

Paste Flux Mechanic MCN-UV80 : Clean flux with alcohol and paintbrush/toothbrush/wipe

Desoldering Techniques

This is an illustration of some simple desoldering techniques. More details on our blog: And for everyone who's wondering, the flux used in this video is CHIPQUICK SMD291 :-)

SMD Soldering - Smallest Package

$2 for 10pcs PCBs & $7 for a SMT Stencil at An online price calculator and the order form is available at this link: I'm testing bigger tip with three tiny parts to see what happens, you should use smaller tip with smaller parts for easier SMD Soldering - Hand soldering packages : 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005, 008004 Soldering tip T12-C1, 315°C Solder 63/37 Paste Flux Mechanic MCN-UV50/UV80 (different weight) : Bottle Dispenser : Paint Brush : Microscope Andonstar ADSM201 :

This video shows the various techniques for removing solder from a printed circuit board, including the use of an electric de-solder gun, a solder sucker, and solder wick or braid.

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