Summer Colors - Hard Dettol soap cutting ASMR/ SATISFYING VIDEO

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Playing with 1000 mini magnetic balls! (pt. 2, ASMR with 1000 oddly satisfying buckyballs)

Because my last magnet video about buckyballs was so popular, I’ve decided to make part 2! I’ve tried to add some more ASMR into this one by request. As you can tell, oddly satisfying magnetic videos are my favourite, especially about magnetic balls. These little balls, also known as neoballs, buckyballs, zen magnets or magnetic spheres, are better than any sort of fidget toy out there. These particular ones came in packs of 216, but I wanted to make a mega cube of 1000, so I had to buy 5! These are some surprisingly super strong neodymium magnet cubes, and I’m sure if you pick some up, you’ll be surprised by just how strong they really are! You can make all kinds of shapes with these magnetic balls, including cubes, spheres, other balls and cool geometric patterns. In this video, I demonstrate how these buckyballs can be put together to make a cool sphere. I also use my 3d printer to print plastic men with them. I muck around with them too ;) I wanted to get the coloured versions of the magnet balls just because they look nice in photos and are colourful. Some people have said that the sounds are like nails on a chalkboard, but others love the ASMR of it, so let’s see how this one goes! I think the sounds add some relaxing tone to it and definitely does add that ASMR. Maybe this is good asmr for your sleep? It's lots of tapping and no talking. Get the magnetic balls here: Get the large cube magnet here: The 3D printer I used: (Affiliate links) ...and if you're still here, hit that SUBSCRIBE button. Thanks for supporting my channel. You'll love what is coming up! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Playing with 1000 mini magnetic balls! (pt. 4, satisfying buckyballs and ASMR)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 🔥🔥Grab some awesome magnetic balls here: and save 25% with code "BuckOff25"🔥🔥 Thanks for your support!


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Hey all, I know I exaggerated a little bit on the title. But I hope you all enjoy this video. I have combined soaps all over the world, and if you see the soap that your country produces, Comment "Heyyy" LOVE ASMR SOAP QUEEN @asmr.soapqueen

Hard Soap Cutting/ WATER/ SPONGE/ BUBBLE SOUND- Extremely relaxing and Satsifying

Okay, I thought it might be nice to make some bubbles with the soap I cut. If you enjoy this video, please let me know, so I will focus on making more of this video. Thank you LOVE ASMR SOAP QUEEN @asmr.soapqueen

Hey all,
I was thinking whether I should make a compilation video that has a duration of 1-2 hours or not.
What do you guys think?

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