UK reseller live stream clothing haul. What we bought to sell for a profit!

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What Sells Best on eBay ( Right Now) Men's Clothing From Thrift Stores

In this video we are covering what sells best on eBay right now in terms of men's clothing from thrift stores and garage sales. If you are selling on eBay and want to learn about what to sell on eBay for huge profits this video will shed light on some of the best items that are selling currently. Free eBay Dropshipping Workshop: ► ★☆★ CHECK OUT THE BLOG: ★☆★ ► ★☆★ LISTEN ON ITUNES ★☆★ ► ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ ► ★☆★ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ★☆★ Blog ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Itunes Podcast ► ★☆★ ABOUT RAIKEN PROFIT: ★☆★ This channel is dedicated to helping others to make money online. Over the last 5 years I have been learning and sharing with thousands of people how to make money online, earn an extra income stream, and create a life of freedom and happiness. I look forward to connecting with you on the channel! ★☆★ PRODUCTS & SERVICES: ★☆★ Free eBay Dropshipping Workshop: ► Free 6-Day Poshmark Workshop: ► Free Book - 100 Amazing Items to Resell Online Book Selling 101 ► 101 Killer Men's Shoe Brands ► 101 Killer Women's Shoe Brands ► Blazing Profits Program ( Sell Blazers, Sport Coats, Suits) ► 101 Killer Clothing Brands ► 102 Killer Clothing Brands ► 101 KIller Women's Jeans Brands ►

Liveshow TRẤN THÀNH - BÌNH TĨNH SỐNG [Full time]

Liveshow TRẤN THÀNH - BÌNH TĨNH SỐNG [Full time] Chào mừng bạn đến với Youtube chính thức được trực tiếp quản lý bởi MC Trấn Thành, những thành viên của gia đình TRAN THANH Official và METUB Network. Các bạn nhớ Subscribe, Like và Share để ủng hộ tinh thần cho Trấn Thành và nhận được những thông tin, video mới nhất về các hoạt động nghệ thuật của MC Trấn Thành nhé. Fanpage chính thức: Kênh youtube chính thức: Rất cảm ơn các anh chị, các bạn đã ủng hộ chúng tôi trong suốt thời gian qua!

How To Be A Classic Gentleman - Permanent Style Interview With Simon Crompton

Read the full interview at 00:26 Can you share with us the journey that took you from the university to where you are today? 01:05 So, when did you know that this is something you wanted to do? 01:42 Did you do an internship or did you just apply somewhere and stayed there all your career? What were the different steps that you took? 02:22 Oh, wow! So how long have you been in the company then? 03:35 How would you describe the relationship between legal patent stuff and permanent style? 04:45 So, how do you split the time between Permanent Style and the other stuff? Is it like 50/50 or is it 30/70? 05:07 How would you describe the state of print menswear journalism versus online men's wear journalism? 07:11 I've read that you kind of described your style often as British style sold to the Italians which is kind of a phrase coined by Micheal Drake, he always used that. Can you describe like your approach to that and what it means to you? 08:19 Tell us more about this Italian-Brit thing? 11:21 I think one of the big works in craftsmanship and clothing today is handmade and if you look what's described as handmade, there's this huge kind of area, right? Like sometimes, I would think it's abused or misused. What's your definition of handmade? When is something handmade and where's the line? 13:25 Where is the point sometimes where you think a machine actually provides a better result? Where would you say "Actually, more handwork doesn't make the product better but worse?" 15:16 So, in your opinion, what are the important things to focus on in trousers and pants? 18:16 I've also seen that you kind of went to different shirtmakers and what's your take on shirts today versus a few years ago? 20:00 So, would you say that handwork is much more important than the machine work? How can you feel the difference? 20:55 So, you just mentioned you got new shirts and stuff so, do you keep all the old things and add on to your wardrobe or is it kind of a one in and one out? What's your approach to that? 21:39 So, what does your wardrobe look like? 22:28 Okay, alright! How about topcoats and overcoats? I saw you had one made by Edward Sexton, it's very nice. How many overcoats do you keep in your wardrobe? 22:59 In terms of colors and patterns, what would you say is predominant for you with your suits, jackets, and your overcoats? 23:34 Do you wear things like a sharkskin pattern or small herringbone pattern or do you purely prefer solids but like a Donegal tweed which is very bold and doesn't need a pattern at all? 24:12 So, knowing what you know now, if you had to start building a wardrobe again, what would be the first sportcoats and suits that you would acquire? 25:28 When you're out casually on the weekends, what would you wear when you're not in the office? 26:42 Okay, what would you say are your hobbies outside of your job and Permanent Style? Is there much time for anything else? 28:57 Okay, so what can we expect from Permanent Style in the future? Are you working on new books? Tell us more. ======================================= To never miss any of our videos again, sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! ======================================= Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: Instagram: FREE EBOOK:

Spring Outfit Trends 2018 for Women over 40 | Budget Friendly Haul at Target

We want to share with you the latest spring trends for 2018. These are some easy, budget friendly ways for 40 somethings, working moms or SAHM’s to update your wardrobe. We also show you how to incorporate these trends in your everyday outfits and how to make them wearable for women over forty. The trends we focused on were checks, floral, sheer/transparent, tassel/fringe, and lavender. We did a shopping haul at our local Target to give you some spring outfit ideas. FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Instagram: SHARE | SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS! Summer Shoe Haul | Lookbook for Women over 40 Fashion Trends 2018 Spring Break Haul | Fashion over 40 Spring Trends 2018 OLD NAVY HAUL | Spring Fashion Trends 2018 Lookbook for Women over 40 OLD NAVY & EXPRESS SHORTS HAUL | Summer Fashion Trends 2018 Lookbook for Women over 40

Have you ever wondered what sells on EBay?

What sells on Ebay? What can I sell on Ebay. Here we show what sells and what you can sell on Ebay.
We buy things for our haul videos from all around the Welsh Valleys. Buying and selling on Ebay for profit is fun, interesting and a great way to make an income.
There is a reselling revolution going on at the moment. Reselling has gone from buying a few odds and ends hoping to raise some extra cash, to a business that you can run with your profits only limited by the amount of time and effort you want to putin. Reselling is no easy option. it involves hard work and organisation, but is so rewarding! it hardly feels like a job, even though it makes us good profit on what we buy when we sell it on Ebay.
Reselling on Ebay is our way of life now. It is much more fun to make a profit for yourself than to earn an hourly wage working for someone else.

This video is brought to you by The Celtic Traders. We buy from car boot sales, charity shops/thrift shops, auctions and jumble sales. In fact, anywhere they are selling something, we check it out. We resell on Ebay at the moment, but may venture into Amazon FBA.

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