Suzuki Swift Dlx 1.3 | Complete Review| Powerfull Hatchback

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Official Review - ECarPak - Suzuki Swift - What can you get in Pakistan for PKR.1,400.000/-

Complete review of Pakistan Assembled Suzuki Swift 2017 Suzuki launched this model of swift internationally in 2004 and it stayed in production globally till 2010 replacing it with the newer model. In Pakistan this model was introduced in late 2009 early 2010 and it is still available, currently it is offered with 1.3 liter engine with option of automatic transmission and / or navigation. The starting price is close to 1.4 million rupees and this review shows all the details of this car. Website : Facebook : Instagram : Youtube : Best review Suzuki Swift most informative review Suzuki Swift Awesome Review Suzuki Swift Honest Review Suzuki Swift

Special Edition Cars Are Here | Maruti Swift Dlx | Dzire Special Edition | Celerio Exclusive Edition

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Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX Manual In-depth Complete Review

So , Here comes the review of Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX Fully Loaded Manual variant. Like & Subscribe and Tell us in the comments of what you thought of the video , and tell us about how we can improve our reviews. Thank You :)

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Assalamualikum. This is Suzuki Swift 2013 Model Equipped with 16 valve 1300 cc Engine. 14-15 km per liter average. Perfect Hatchback for family. like, share, subscribe and press the bell icon. Follow me on Facebook:

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