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27 kg milk record murrah buffalo who"s daughter gives more than 25 kg milk

Buffalo gives superb quality male and female calfs .Buffalo"s 3 daughter gives more than 25 kg milk .

Peekpani | Hingoli | Buffalo Farm In Profit

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दो सरकारी नोकरी छोड़ -60 Lakh कमाये - 5 साल में - केवल 10 Murrah भैंसों स...

This young progressive Dairy Farmer of Haryana left two government jobs to pursue his passion of Dairy Farming. Monveer sir has only 10 Murrah Buffaloes at his farm from which he has earned 60 Lakh Rs since the inception of his Dairy Farm. At his Dairy, all the Murrah Buffaloes have Milk Yield of 20 KG milk and above. This video also covers the Dairy Tips given by Monveer Kundu sir to the new Dairy Kisan.

7/12 च्या बातम्या : सांगली : कर्णबधीर जुळ्या भावंडांची दुग्ध...

712 : Karnal, Sangli : Milk Business (Dairy) Success Story : 30:03:2017 For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://abpmajha.abplive.in/ & https://www.youtube.com/abpmajhalive

FOR SALE : 4 Young Murrah Buffaloes available for Buyers.

4 Number of Beautiful and Healthy Murrah heifers available for Buyers @ Gharonda Karnal , HARYANA. This video covers the availability of 4 no of young Murrah Buffaloes and their characteristics ...namely..Age, Height , pregnancy , their feed and Bloodline etc. Exceptionally healthy Murrah Buffaloes available for Buyers. Contact information and address of their owner is also provided in the video. credit Filmora Go

Peekpani | Beed Cattle Breeding Can Be Fruitfull

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