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Little girl unhappy that Toys 'R' Us is closing - Daily Mail

This little girl was told by her older brother that Toys 'R' Us was closing forever. She was very unhappy about the news and started crying while her mother tried to console her. Original video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

***Toys r us, the last 10 minutes***

The last few minutes before the toys r us Newington closes down permanently 😕


Aubrey'sLast TOY HUNT AT Toys R Us EVER!! This is so sad guys. TOYSUS is officially closing this week so we decided to do our last toy shop at our favorite toys store. They didn't have much left but we found a few treasures. Remember to watch till the end to see today's subscriber shout-outs! Are you sad Toys R Us is closing? Tell me in the comments. We Love Getting Your LEtters! Send fan mail to: Fun and Crazy Kids PO Box 1959 Sand Springs, OK 74063

Toys "R" US Commercial (Times Square) 2002

"Goodbye, Toys R Us" -Toys R Us jingle -cover-

This is my a capella cover of the Toys R Us jingle. If you're too young to remember this store, it's a shame, 'cause it's closing, and to those of us Millennials, and some post-Millennials, was an institution... Feels like the end of an era. I can remember going to this store and just, feeling like I both owned the place and had never been. It was magical, and I'm sad to see it die. Anyway, here's my farewell. Love you, T-R-U. Rest In Peace, Charles Lazarus. Lyrics: I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid they got a million toys at Toys R us that I can play with I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid they got the best for so much less, it'll really flip your lid From bikes to trains to video games it's the biggest toy store there is I don't wanna grow up, cause maybe if I did I couldn't be a Toys R Us kid I wanna be a Toys R Us kid

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