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How To Recess Downspouts In About Four Minutes

About the music: The song is "Coal Train" by Leesha Harvey. Music is ©2008 Leesha Harvey, and is used with permission. Look for the new C.D. titled "Penny in the Pocket" to be released soon! Go to for pictures, updates, and C.D. purchase information! You can also check her out on YouTube, here: About the video: Per YouTube user BlazerLT; NOT RECOMMENDED FOR COLDER CLIMATES! Recessing downspouts is an easy way to keep rainwater away from the foundation of any building. This process eliminates the need for those unsightly and cumbersome splash blocks that are a pain to mow and trim around. Make sure that your recessed drains are always directed down-hill and that they move the water as far away from the foundation as possible. Thank you for watching!

Put Vinegar Into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

Everyone tries to keep their home clean and hygienic, especially in places where our body is most vulnerable to bacteria. Cleansers and disinfectants aren’t always worthwhile, so it’s useful to know which alternatives can help to achieve the best results. We at Bright Side learned a simple but effective way to help make the bathroom in your house cleaner and safer. Other videos you might like: What If You Stopped Showering for a Year? Blow on Your Thumb for 30 Seconds, See What'll Happen to You TIMESTAMPS What you need 0:38 What vinegar does 0:53 Way 1. Use with soda 1:20 Way 2. Use without soda 2:02 How to make your hair silky 2:38 Ho to prevent acne 2:55 How to neutralize cigarette smoke odors 3:17 How to make nail polish stay on longer 3:29 How to remove sweat stains 3:45 SUMMARY - White vinegar is one of those products that should be in every home. It's useful in the kitchen, and it also has properties that make it excellent for cleaning tasks. - Vinegar can dissolve limescale, kill all bacteria, mold, and germs, clean metal parts from rust, remove unpleasant odors; - White vinegar not only can replace the expensive cleaning products but can be also used as part of your beauty routine. - To neutralize smoke odors, pour vinegar into a bowl and put it in the place where you want to eliminate the bad smell. - Sprinkle a generous amount of white vinegar onto the affected areas of the garment, and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. Your favorite shirt will look like as good as new! Don’t forget to do us three favors: hit the like button, share this video, and click subscribe to stay on the Bright Side of life! Music: Rubber Necking - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters.

Homeowners clean their gutters from the safety of the GROUND with flipgutters. I tried uploading this with windows media format just for fun.

How to Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Cleaning gutters is an easy job to put off, but the longer you wait the worse it can get. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters every spring and fall will help keep them working like they're supposed to. Debris can build up and cause damage to your downspouts and cause water damage to your roof. To clean out your gutters you will need: a trowel, ladder, buckets, garden hose, gutter cleaning attachment and gutter sealant. To begin, clean the downspout removing any twigs, leaves and dirt. Flush out any other debris. If the water doesn't drain properly through the downspout, there is probably a clog. Remove the end of the downspout and flush with water. If this doesn't do the trick, use the full power and force of a plumbers snake. If you notice that water sets in the bottom of your gutters be sure to readjust them so that they flow properly to the downspout. Leaks? Use gutter sealant on all joints. If there is noticeable paint damage, simply touch up with a primer. To find how to install gutter screens to keep out debris, visit Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:

How to Measure the Square Footage of a Roof

Learn how to measure the total square footage of a residential steep-slope house roof.

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You could conveniently concentrate on the real preparation of the task when you have actually discovered the points you could really do by on your own. The initial point is to locate some elegant as well as innovative suggestions for residence enhancement. Probably you wish to recover some antique furnishings items for the living-room or transform the flooring ceramic tiles in the shower room and also you wish to ensure that the brand-new dcor will certainly remain in design.

Listed here are the products that you will certainly be requiring:

1. A tough ladder - Do not lean the ladder versus the gutter as well as downspout due to the fact that you may damage or flex it.

2. Use non-slip footwear or boots, job handwear covers, shatterproof glass, as well as a dirt mask - This is to secure on your own from any type of crashes.

3. Obtain a slim yard trowel or hand spade - This is utilized for digging the fallen leaves and also particles.

4. Big trash can - You could link the trash can on the ladder. This is where you will certainly be placing the particles.

5. A yard hose pipe with a spray accessory - Make certain that you have adequate water stress.

6. Bring a gutter sealer - This is utilized to fix any kind of splits in the gutter.

7. A plumbing technician's serpent - You will certainly be utilizing this if your downspout is blocked.

There are some fundamental points you have to recognize concerning your roofing. When you have actually job done on your roof covering, you must have someone that is licensed so you could be certain of the high quality of job done. These are a pair of the points you should understand to assist you maintain your roofing in idea leading problem, as the roofing is a really vital component of your home.

Check out: Stroll entirely around the residence. Make a listing as well as address these products!

You could call a cleansing business that could do it if you do not have time to clean up the gutters yourselves.

There are several added points you could do to maintain your roofing system in excellent problem. There are lots of people that will certainly discover that due to the rainfall and also snow, they could obtain mold on the roofing.

There are great deals of points that you must recognize in order to maintain your roofing system intact. This could quickly assist you so that you do not have to have a too much quantity of money to maintain your roofing preserved.

One point that professional roofer will certainly inform you is to do an evaluation to seek points that can perhaps place your roofing in damage. If the water is relocating openly, you will definitely desire to evaluate the rain gutters as well as all the downspouts so that you could see. You intend to ensure that you get rid of points that might perhaps mess it to make sure that it does not back-up on the roofing system as well as develop a leak.

Second, after getting rid of all the fallen leaves as well as particles, tidy the gutter with the yard pipe. Splash the gutter till no particles could be seen.

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