SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Chicken Pox!

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SML Movie: Jeffy's Sleepover!

Jeffy has a sleepover! SUBSCRIBE TO NICKTENDO! He made the animation in this video!

SML Movie: Jeffy's Piggy Bank!

Mario gets Jeffy a piggy bank to keep his money safe! Buy Jeffy's song "Why?" Follow on instagram!

SML Movie: The Secret Door!

Mario and Jeffy are playing hide and seek. Jeffy opens the secret door.

SML Movie: Jeffy Plays Fortnite!

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: Jeffy plays Fortnite! Follow us on Instagram - Loganthirtyacre - ChillyJimenez - TitoTotters Thanks to Justin Lieber for playing the Fortnite footage!

SML Movie: Jeffy Gets a Job!

Jeffy wants the new Fortnite battle pass, so he has to get a job to be able to buy it! Follow the actors from Jimmy Johns!

Jeffy gets chicken pox!

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