संगमनेर - तब्बल..९ वर्षांनी खूनाचे रहस्य उलगडले ..!!

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रत्नागिरीतील भोंदू बाबा, बाई आणि बाटली! सेवकांकडूनच बाबा...

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इस टैक्सी वाले ने सब कुछ बेचकर इस लड़की की बचाई थी जान 3 साल...

Rajveer was speeding off his taxi and was going to the road because he was an hour late today. That's why he had made the speed of his vehicle sharp, because the taxi was the only one to support that poor stomach. Due to being more late in the night, it was awake late today. That's why he was running his car speedily. It was just three kilometers from the house that suddenly he saw a crowd of many people. At first he thought that all this happens in Delhi, but he did not accept his heart and he gave his taxi a rock. When Rajveer went away and saw his senses, he got scared. A beautiful girl lying on the side of the road was lying with blood. Rajveer looked around and there was a crowd of at least 500 people, but there was no one to save that poor girl. On the tail, it came to know that a car holder hit this girl. Rajveer did not see it and took the girl out in the dock and put him in the taxi and ran to the taxi hospital. Taxis were taken straight to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital in Delhi. He picked up the girl in the dock and ran away from inside. The doctor admit him and started medicines. Three hours later, Rajveer had a doctor's condition with the condition of girl's daughter, the doctor told that her blood has been released from her body and it is also very difficult to survive. Rajveer took hold of the doctor and said, Doctor Sahib save this girl. The doctor said that there is a way that the girl can survive It has to be operated on his head which will cost 2 lakh rupees and 3 bottles of blood will be required. After saying this, the doctor went away but Rajveer got into thinking that where would I get 2 lakh rupees for the operation. Rajveer telephoned his mother and told him everything. Rajveer's mother said on this, son, now that you have saved the life of that poor, do anything and save his life. Rajveer had no way, therefore he gave his taxi for 2.5 lakh rupees and brought the money to the doctor. The girl's life was saved but Rajveer had bought his cab by adding one pie. He had to sell it. After three months on bed, the girl got completely cured. When the girl came to know everything about Rajveer, the girl started crying to Rajveer and she started crying and said, If brother you did not have today, then I would have no life. Let me tell you that the girl's name was Ashima Bano and she was from the village of Jamgirgarh in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. Ashima was the only child of her father. Her father was an official teacher who had died after a long illness two years ago. That day, Ashima was coming to her room from her college, then it was an accident. Rajveer was a resident of Akhtyyarpur village in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He had been running a taxi on rent for a long time in Delhi and recently he recently bought his new taxi. Three years after the incident a girl came to her house. When he touched the feet of the mother of Rajveer and asked about Rajveer, the mother said, Rajveer has gone to pick up some things and will be coming right now. Rajvir came in so many His condition was very bad. He lived in a small cottage At first, Rajveer did not recognize Ashima, but then he remembered. Hey Ashima sister how did you come today? Ashima said, brother, tomorrow, I will get degree and you and mother should come there. Rajveer said, sister but how can I get there, there will be big people. Hey brother, there will be no one bigger than you. You have to come. After saying this, Ashima went away, but Rajveer got into thinking that I have these dirty clothes which I will wear by wearing but then he will think if sister is invited, I will definitely go. The university hall was full People came in all coat pants. Rajveer also came with his old mother and sat behind him. The first name by the President was called Ashima. The President called Ashima and said this daughter has won the Gold Medal. Ashima said Sir, I would like a minute's time and Ashima took the running Rajvir along with me. Ashima told me that this Gold Medal deserves my brother. All the people in the hall were shocked to hear this. After this Ashima told the whole story of that brother, the eyes of the people of the whole hall started flowing, and Ashima insisted that she used to wear the Gold Medal Rajvir. Today Rajveer's chest became wide and tears were flowing with his eyes, but happiness After this Ashima got a job after a few days and the first time she bought her new taxi for her brother and called her mother to be all together.

Bhanwar - भंवर - Episode 6 - 25th January 2015

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बीवी को सरप्राइज देने चुपके से घर पहुंचा फौजी… पत्नी के क...

Sometimes there are some such stories that come to light that we start doubting our own relationships. A laughing-out family takes the eyes of someone else when your son gets married to a girl who has all the games for him. Seeing the beautiful looking new bride, you can not even imagine that she can cheat her husband for the jismic laugh. Something similar happened with CRPF's brave youth Dinesh Divakar, when he came to his home holidays, this sentence never became forgettable. The soldier came home safely to give a surprise to the wife, he himself was surprised. You may be too shy to hear the story next. Military wife Military wife Jain deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, Dinesh came back to his family in the vacation. Basically the wife of Dinesh, living at Eta and her children live in Bhagua Nagla of Farrukhabad. As soon as he reached his house, his wife took time to open the door, but when he opened the door and Dinesh came inside, he got suspicious and started looking around. After getting nothing he started to beat his wife Rama. Afterwards, his wife understood him and extinguished him with his actions, and both of them took the pleasure of married life and slept. Then when Dinesh was in deep sleep, Rama got up and took out his boyfriend from the nearby box and covered Dinesh with a blanket and killed him by slapping him and locking him in a room and locking him. Dinesh's wife Rama told the incident during police custody. According to Rama, when children insisted on opening a lock, they would scold him. Later the next day his boyfriend came from Sakti and with the help of Rama, he burnt the body of Dinesh from petrol in nearby fields. Dinesh's body was thrown away by his bag and mobile, so that everyone thought that bad guys would have been killed while coming home in the night. Rama said that when her husband Dinesh came home and was knocking at the door to open the door, he was in a disgraceful condition with his lover and with the wearing of clothes, the boyfriend was late in hiding in the box. Dinesh got suspicious of Rama in this, due to which he revenge him for dying from Dinesh. Rama told the police that when he got the news that a corpse is lying in the farm, which has his husband's bag and mobile, then go and identify the corpse. But Rama did not go, not only did he answer the police in any case, but on the beatings of the women police, she did all the tales.

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