Pictures That PROVE Japan is Not Like Any Other Country!

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Mum's Trip in Japan

Mum came to visit me in Japan and we spent some time travelling to some different places. Enjoy some of our adventures! Instagram catie_johnston Songs Came here for love - Sigala and Ella Eyre Tell the world - Eric Hutchinson I do not own the rights to this music

Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country You might know Japan as home to anime, sumo wrestlers and Cherry blossoms but What about all of their extremely innovative toilets? Have you ever Dreamed about Your train always arriving on time? Drainage canals that look like Koi ponds? Or Vending machines filled with fresh eggs? Bored Panda has complied some Of the Weirdest inventions (seriously, you won't believe how many toilets), cultural practices And random facts about Japanese culture that make Japan a must visit destination. 👉 Help ❤ Hilarious dump 4u❤ Reach Goal of 500K Subscriber subscribe : 👉Hilarious dump 4u are amazing creatures because they make us laugh all the time! Watching funny our pets is the hardest try not to laugh challenge! Just look how all these pets , make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! 👉I do not own the image or the music in my video. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! 👉The content of my videos is the purpose of entertainment. My video does not contain nudity or sexually explicit, harmless or dangerous content, is not violent or bloody, does not provoke hatred. I love everyone 👉© My video is in accordance with the Fair Use Law of Youtube. 👉Other Video 1:Hilarious Tweets To Make Everyone Laugh -hilarious dump 4u 2:Hilarious Memes About Bad Driving -hilarious dump 4u 3:21 Pictures That Prove Moms Are The Smartest People On Earth -hilarious dump 4u 4:Funny Tweets About The Weirdest Roommates Will Bring Back Memories -hilarious dump 4u 5:The Best Dog Tweets Of All Time -hilarious dump 4u 6:Magically Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tweets Will Cast A Laughter Spell On You -hilarious dump 4u 7:Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic -hilarious dump 4u 8:Moms With A Sense Of Humor -hilarious dump 4u 9:The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Keanu Reeves Doing Things -hilarious dump 4u 10:Epic Tweets By Women That Made The Whole Internet Laugh Out Loud -hilarious dump 4u

CRAZIEST Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

Conspiracy theories aren’t all foil hats and paranoia. Some of the ones you’ll hear on this list may seem ridiculous. Others might seem funny and at times...even kinda scary. The internet sure knows how to invoke the imagination. Unless this isn’t all just imagination. Subscribe to Talltanic 7. The Moon Isn’t Real We all look up at the night sky, unless you live a strict nocturnal lifestyle. Most humans aren’t, and therefore have seen the moon at least a couple times if not every night. But, okay, what do people mean, the moon may not be real? Well, theorists out there are saying that what we know as the moon and see in the sky isn’t the same thing. The theory says around 4 billion years ago, Earth collided with another planet, leaving a small sphere thing hanging in orbit and that modern society has fabricated the existence of a moon. 6. The Earth Is Hollow This isn’t even a new theory, but an old one that, thanks to the internet, has stayed alive thus far. The Hollow Earth theory is one that spans back centuries--it all really implies that there’s a whole other world beneath the surface that humans have yet to find. This pseudoscience concept is featured in works like Journey to the Center of the Earth and stems from lots of stories in different cultures’ mythology and folklore. 5. Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids This theory sounds pretty crackpot, but actually, its explanation isn’t as outlandish as you’d think. Archeologists discovered stone palettes and old papyri whic depict and hint at dinosaur-like creatures having helped in the construction of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. There’s mentions of “enormous” and “beastly creatures” having helped in the building of these structures. There’s also been fossils of huge dinosaurs unearthed in Egypt, such as the Paralititan, which could have been one of those construction savvy creatures around in ancient Egypt. 4. NASA Blue Beam Project The Blue Beam project theory says that NASA is part of a movement to start a New World Order with a simulated second coming. This simulated second coming or huge UFO event is apparently going to be done by projecting blue beams into the sky in the shape of familiar religious images, an endeavor that supposedly started implementation in 1983. 3. History is Alive Jay Z is a vampire--it’s the theory that explains why this photo taken from the early 20th century includes a man that looks exactly like Hova--albeit there’s a shadow over half of his face. In pop culture, vampires are seen as really suave creatures of the night, having lots of money, and luring in beautiful women to either feast on or take in as their equally beautiful and dangerous partner. Things seem to check out. And this isn’t the first instance something from history has been tied to a photo. On the other side of the spectrum, not only do people believe that Jay Z is at least a century old, but also that Hitler is alive and well in Argentina--as evidenced by photos. According to that theory, this photo seems to show a much older Hitler living it up in Argentina with his girlfriend, with many saying he actually lived to be 95 years old. 2. The Large Hadron Collider Awakens the Gods The Large Hadron Collider, also known as the LHC, is the biggest and most powerful particle collider in the world. It’s the largest single machine ever made and it lies in a tunnel 175 meters beneath the surface of the border between France and Switzerland, near Geneva. And people think that its purpose for being built wasn’t merely in the name of science, specifically particle physics. No, it’s real purpose, as intended by different governments in the world, is to awaken the Egyptian god Osiris. The theory claims that this particle collider is a multi-dimensional portal and that it is capable of things like time travel. Even that time travel part sounds more probable that the other parts of this theory, but whatever. The Matrix is Real Forget about the moon and the Beatles. Everything you perceive as reality isn’t real either. Did anyone else watch the Matrix and while you were in awe at the special effects and storytelling, you also got a sense of strange existential anxiety? Well hold onto that feeling because apparently it might be real. And this isn’t just a theory that stemmed from the dark corners of some online forum. There are supposedly a couple tech billionaires, from Silicon Valley, no less, who are funding scientists to break us all out of the simulation we’re all apparently living in. Even Elon Musk said that the chance we’re not living in a computer simulation is one in billions. One in billions guys. So what is it?

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Japan is a country that has a lot to offer—a lot to teach—this world, and for those who have never been there, you may not even know just what they do differently that we could learn from. In Japan, you’ll find exciting things that you’ve probably never even thought about; things good and bad, but all interesting. We’re here to show you some of those things and to show you Pictures That Prove Japan is Not Like Any Other Country!

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6. Woah. Awesome!
Apparently, this note says, “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke your bell. I am very sorry.” Let that sink in. Not only was someone courteous enough to leave a note explaining what happened, but they also left money to get a replacement as well. We’re sure there are other countries where people are this friendly and honest and take responsibility for their actions. Then you go to some places where, if someone picks a parking spot where their car won’t fit… they’ll either bump into surrounding cars on the way in and not care at all, or they’ll fit and then slam their doors into the vehicles around them, again, not caring one bit. If only we lived in a better world. If only we lived in Japan.

5. So Thoughtful!
As we all know, a lot of sticks of gum come in wrappers which are perfect for helping to dispose of said gum after it loses its flavor and is ready to be spit out. But what about the packs of gum that don’t come with the pieces individually wrapped? Like the packs of Eclipse in the plastic containers or those that come in those half foil, half plastic packets where you push the gum through the foil. With those, you don’t have anywhere to dispose of the gum when you’re done with it, besides, you know, the trash. Well, in Japan, they have packs of gum that come in plastic containers that also include a sticky note pad inside so you can tear off a piece of paper and wrap your gum in it. The Japanese seem to think of basically everything, don’t they? They’re so thoughtful!

4. Cool Lockers… Literally
Some malls offer storage lockers for your stuff while you shop, but a lot of times these lockers cost you something and store only things that you don’t mind sitting at room temperature. In Japan, some shopping malls offer these great, refrigerated storage compartments to keep anything perishable you may be carrying good, and that’s just fantastic. We all know those times where we go shopping out of order or forget we need something from somewhere, but if we go to the grocery store first, we feel the need just to head home to get our perishable items in a fridge. But with this system, it doesn’t matter what order you shop in because the Japanese have your back! The lockers can only hold so much, though, so don’t expect your entire shopping trips worth of groceries to fit, but for just a few things, this is perfect!

3. This—We Need This!
You know when you go out to a restaurant and can’t make up your mind on what you want to get to eat, and it’s made all that much more difficult because you can’t see what the plate is actually going to look like before you get it? Well, some restaurants in Japan take care of that up front and give you a little sneak preview of just what you’re diving into before you make the leap. Some displays have fake food in them, but that show how each of their menu items is set up, so you can avoid the disappointment when you finally decide on a meal and it comes out and is much smaller or less appetizing looking than you’d thought it would be. This is also a great way to sell more food and to have happier customers, and, not to mention, less food sent back because someone is unhappy. This book of pages we need to take from Japan is getting rather large.

2. Hehe
We all know that the Japanese are the Kings and Queens of the selfie, so why wouldn’t their touristy spots have built-in cell phone holders for the perfect selfie angles and shots? You can find stands like this one in many places perfect for snapping a quick pic, and with them, it’s much easier to get a good shot that’s basically already all lined up for you! Set up your phone, snap a quick picture, and move on so someone else can get a photo too! The only problems are that all of the pictures taken from these have to look the same! There’s not much differentiating one can do with taking an image from a predetermined place. But still, this is cool, and helpful when you need the perfect picture in picturesque settings!


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