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Allen Edmond Resole by Daveed Mata

Cobbler plus Shoemaker equals Daveed Mata. Here Daveed shows step by step how he removes a sole from a shoe and replaces it with a new sole. Hi, Everyone! I’m David Mata, owner of Mister Spatz’ Shoe Repair! ( I've worked for almost every shoe repair in the Greater Detroit Metro Area. For 25+ years, I've learned techniques from top cobblers & shoemakers, constantly wanting to improve my skills & learn as much as I could about shoes. I spend a lot of time speaking with other cobblers & shoemakers discussing various techniques to get the job done for my clients. My true passion is & always has been my customers. I love to help them with their foot problems in any way I can. I truly feel that "The Man Upstairs" has given me a specific mission -- to ease the pain of as many customers as possible. Looking back on my journey, I see that He put me with some of the best & most talented people in the world, so I could learn the techniques & skills that I would need to alleviate my customers' foot, leg, & back pains. I love what I do, & there is not a day that goes by I'm not thankful for my journey & I can't wait to see what He has for me next!

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