Obama Can Never Show His Face In Public Again After What Happened On Election Day

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Obama Is FREAKING OUT After What Tucker Carlson EXPOSED About Him On LIVE TV(VIDEO)!!!

Obama is freaking out after what Tucker Carlson exposed about him on live TV. Tucker Carlson on FOX News made the most obvious statement heard on cable news in a decade when discussing former President Obama’s speech in Illinois with his guest, far left Chris Hahn: Chris Hahn, “Are there people in this country that have a rac.ial element to their politics? Of course there are Tucker. We both agree on that.” Carlson, “Yeah. Obama is first on that list I would say!”

Trump Makes Sudden Announcement About Ailing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Please Help Me To 100,000 Sub : American Patriot : https://bit.ly/2yOF8Xi Trump Makes Sudden Announcement About Ailing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg President Trump said Friday he hopes that ailing 85-year-old Supreme CourtJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets well soon. “I wish her well. I hope she serves on the Supreme Court for many, many years,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. Justice Ginsburg broke three ribs Wednesday night in a fall at her office at the high court and was hospitalized. The incident renewed speculation about her possible retirement. Mr. Trump pointed out that the liberal justice isn’t “exactly on my side.” “She said something very inappropriate during the campaign, but she apologized for it,” he said. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Justice Ginsburg called Mr. Trump “a faker.” “I can’t imagine what this place would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president,” she said in an interview. Mr. Trump has changed the balance of power on the Supreme Court by appointing two conservative justices, Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh, in his first two years in office. The justice, who has survived two bouts of cancer, has said she wants to serve on the court until at least 2020, the next presidential election year. On Thursday, we reported on the update of the 85-year-old justice’s condition: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85-years-old. She looks to be the next justice replaced on the high court by President Trump. She could have retired during Obama’s tenure, but Ginsburg being a leftist surely thought Hillary Clinton would win. That was her mistake and our gain. Ginsburg reportedly fell at the Supreme Court yesterday evening, breaking three ribs and had to be rushed to George Washington University Hospital early this morning. Ginsburg’s cancer has also been rumored to have returned and she will allegedly retire in January. President Trump now stands to nominate and swear in a third Supreme Court Justice further determining the path of the high court for a generation or more. More from The Washington Times: Supreme CourtJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday after breaking ribs in a fall at the high court. A press release from the Supreme Court press office said Justice Ginsburg was taken to George Washington University Hospital Thursday morning, after “experiencing discomfort overnight.” The 85-year-old justice reportedly fell in her office at the Court Wednesday night. Her hospitalization came on the same day that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump were to attend the investiture of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh at the high court. Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in last month. Justice Ginsburg, a liberal who is the court’s senior justice, has served for more than 25 years after being appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993. She is a survivor of colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Also from CNBC: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, fell in her office at the court and fractured three ribs, according to a release Thursday. “She went home, but after experiencing discomfort overnight, went to George Washington University Hospital early this morning,” the statement from the court said. “Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment.” Ginsburg’s health has been a matter of intense speculation in recent years. Ginsburg, the court’s oldest member, is one of its four liberal justices. She is the second woman to ever serve. It is not the first time that Ginsburg has fractured her ribs while on the court. In June 2012, Ginsburg fractured two ribs in a fall and did not disclose the incident to the public until months later. The court said at the time that despite the fracture, Ginsburg “did not skip a beat.” The Brooklyn-native has said that she plans to serve on the court until she is 90, and has hired law clerks through 2020. Her approach to the law has been described as cautious, though she has been influential in shaping jurisprudence in cases involving gender discrimination, women’s reproductive health and international law. She was the principal author of a landmark brief that led Supreme Court, in 1971, to apply the the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to women. Ginsburg was appointed to the court by President Bill Clinton in 1993. Before joining the court, she worked as the director of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project. She has survived multiple bouts with cancer, and in 2014 underwent a procedure to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery. News of Ginsburg’s fall comes on the same morning as the formal investiture of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump‘s second nominee to the high court. #Trump#Makes#Sudden#Announcement#About#Ailing#Justice#Ruth#Bader#Ginsburg

The dark secret behind the relationship of ivanka and her father

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Borat RETURNS to Tamper with the Midterm Election

Sacha Baron Cohen's friend Borat goes door-to-door in a nice LA neighborhood to talk to people about American politics and swing the midterms for Trump on election day. For more of Sacha’s pranks, check out “Who is America?” here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkXeMoBPSDk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k4pMTsa1Kw https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=ELdWrrUpbus-BOcwM2LDR-KA Lie Witness News - Did You Vote in the Midterms Today? https://youtu.be/UNKRZs_a5vk SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Watch Mean Tweets: http://bit.ly/KimmelMT10 Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/JKLWebsite Like Jimmy Kimmel on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/KimmelFB Like Jimmy Kimmel Live on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JKLFacebook Follow @JimmyKimmel on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/KimmelTW Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JKLTwitter Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JKLInstagram About Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 5.6 billion views on YouTube alone. Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo. Now in its sixteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon. Borat RETURNS to Tamper with the Midterm Election https://youtu.be/f5xLNypFrV4

Merkel declares that UN Global Compact on Migration will be "valid for all" after Dec 19th

If you are not familiar with the UN Global Compact on Migration, or why so many people are opposed to it, please see my original video on this topic: https://youtu.be/brnPrFPbjPc The UN has still not published a list of the countries that adopted the compact. I have, however, created a full list of European countries that adopted and rejected the compact. Here is a large graphic of the map of Europe: https://bit.ly/2QXt3XB On the map, the countries that adopted it are in green. The countries who have not adopted it are in red. The white countries are ones that I do not know if they adopted it or not. Here is the results of the Pew Research Survey: https://pewrsr.ch/2rtsINU

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Obama Can Never Show His Face In Public Again After What Happened On Election Day

Barack Obama hit the campaign trail hard for Democrats in the closing stretch of the midterm elections.
It ended up being the biggest mistake of his life.
Now Barack Obama can never show his face again after what happened on Election Day.
Barack Obama Makes Historic Decision to Campaign against Donald Trump
Normally past Presidents do not campaign against the current President.
It gives the impression America does not have one Commander-in-Chief.
But Barack Obama never cared about norms or American tradition.
He threw himself into the midterm election like no former President had before.
Not only did he campaign for Democrats, but he also attacked Republicans and Trump in hysterical terms.
During a campaign swing through Florida, Obama mocked Trump and GOP for ‘making things up.’
“We all try to put a positive spin on things, but what we have not seen the way we are seeing right now is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lie. Just making stuff up. That’s what they’re doing now all the time. By the way, it’s not the first time. They do this every election cycle. Try to terrify folks and then the election comes and problem suddenly magically vanishes,” Obama ranted.
Obama then made a huge mistake when he told a lie about the migrant caravan.
“…Now in 2018m they’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border,” he added.
Barack Obama’s Campaigning Backfires
Democrats would have been better off if Obama stayed home and never appeared in public.
Most of the candidates he campaigned for lost.
In Florida, Republicans held on to the Governor’s mansion and ousted Senator Bill Nelson.
Pre-election polls showed both Democrats winning easily.
But two factors turbocharged the GOP base turnout.
First, Donald Trump campaigned hard in the state.
He held two rallies there the last week of the campaign.
Republican voters responded to Trump’s appeals to support his candidates.
Secondly, Barack Obama motivates Republicans to turn out.
Rank-and-file Republicans view Obama as one of the worst Presidents in American history,
He spent eight years weakening America and attacking the nation’s cultural fabric.
If Obama says he needs someone in Washington, Republicans will turn out to make sure that does not happen.
In addition, Obama campaigned for Stacey Abrams in Georgia.
Abrams fought to become the nation’s first black female governor.
Obama and national Democrats poured resources into her race because they believe Georgia is a swing state in 2020.
But Obama turned out to deliver another political kiss of death.
Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp led Abrams by 75,000 votes.
Abrams refused to concede and Democrats tried to cheat by keeping polling places open all night in order to drag Kemp below 50 percent of the vote and force a runoff.
Even if there is a runoff Kemp is favored to win.
Obama campaigned for candidates across the country in 2018.
But like in 2010, 2014 and 2016, the American people rejected Democrats supported by Barack Obama.


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