AC sliding gate opener control board with 2pcs remote control(not included battery),learning code 11

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How to programme a KEY sliding gate opener

This video will show you how to programme a KEY sliding gate opener. For more information, please visit or call (07) 3713 3200.

How to reset or clone the code of 4 Channel RF Key Remote Control 315/433MHz from ebay

In this video you can see how to program or reset the universal remote controller for remote relay, garage dorr etc. It can be pain in the ass if you don't heave idea how to do this. You can buy it on ebay for a few dollars and can select between 315 and 433 MHZ. Music: Done Runnin RW Smith

My First Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Installation ( UNBOXING - INSTALLATION - CONNECTIONS )

EV-Customs Website - Aliexpress Seller URL: About item: This equipment is one of the auto gate openers, adopting a new design and integrated control system. sliding gate opener has many features such as: low noise, light weight, powerful starting torque, stability, reliability and is compact and stylish. The motor will still work for a short period of time using lower voltage. The control board has overload protection. When there is a power failure, the motor drive can be separated by the use of the clutch, by using the specified key the user has the ability to disconnect the clutch enabling the gate to be opened or closed manually. Using the optional infrared photocells the gate will automatically stop and re-open if an obstacle is sensed. Specs: 1. Working temperature of motor:-45°C~ +55°C 2. Working humidity:≤85% 3. Power supply:220VAC±10%/110VAC±10% 50Hz/60Hz 4. Rated power:250W 5. Output gear module:M=4 6. Output gear number:Z=16 7.Output torgue:30.0 N.m 8. Open(close) speed:v=13m/min 9. Rated speed : 1400RPM 10. Maximum pull:1600N 11. Maximum load:1200KG 12. Net weight:11KG 13.Remote control distance : ≤50meter 14.Packing : In carton

Gate1® GA2000 slide gate opener dip switch setting

A video on how to setup your dip switches on your Gate1® GA2000 slide gate opener. For more info

Sliding Gate Opener Installation Aid - Model SD 800kg

Content: 1) Solar Panel Wiring 2) Battery Wiring 3) Manual Release 4) Limit Switch Mounting 5) Gate Travel Limit Learning 6) Dual Gate Programming (synchronization of two motors) AC sliding gate opener control board with 2pcs remote control(not included battery),learning code 110V/220V can choose KF270

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Brand Name: OuXinDiLong
Type: Automatic Door Operators
Model Number: KF270-20
code: learning code
DIY Supplies: Electrical (More info)

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