How To Choose A Winter Jacket

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Insulated Jacket Buying Guide - Down vs Synthetic Insulation

Charlie from GO Outdoors takes you through the main differences between down and synthetic insulation to help you choose which is right for your needs.

5 Winter Coats Every Woman NEEDS In Their Closet!

5 WINTER COATS/JACKETS THAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS IN THEIR CLOSET! Some people have differing ideas of how many coats to have in the winter season, but I think this list provides a great foundation for every style and temperature! These are ESSENTIAL coats! I start with the lightest option and go all the way to the heaviest WARMEST option! Everything is available and linked down below :)   SUBSCRIBE HERE: (omg…we’re approaching 200k!!!)   ------------------------------------   TOP 5 WINTER COATS/JACKETS (and other options as well) 1. FLEECE JACKET: Other option #1: Other option #2: 2. TRENCH COAT: Other option #1: Other option #2: Other option #3: Other option #4: Burberry Trench Coat: 3. WOOL COAT: Other option #1: 4. STATEMENT COAT: Other (Leopard) option: More leopard coats: Cream "Teddy" Coat: Brown Teddy Bear Coat ($23!): 5. NORTH FACE COAT: Other Best Selling Coat: Canada Goose Coat: (Omg its an investment, but I've heard AMAZING things!!!) JEWELRY I’M WEARING: (Use code SHEA for 10% off...and she ships worldwide!) Pendent Charms Necklace (Peace & Radiance w/ Alex chain): Bella Necklace: Stephanie Earrings: ------------------------------------   FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM  – EMAIL ME! WRITE ME! PO BOX 136 West Sunbury, PA 16061 ------------------------------------ FILMING EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 80D: Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens: Microphone: Vlogging Camera: Studio Box Lights: Editing: Final Cut Pro   Music provided by: NoCopyrightSounds Axtasia - Light Up The Sky (feat. Soundr)[NCS Release] Video Link: Download/Stream:   *Disclaimer: I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support in my channel!

Outfits For The Snow! | What to Wear When It's COLD!

Thanks for watching, I hope this helped :) Watch my Winter 2016 Style video here: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Vlog Channel: ------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter- Instagram- Facebook- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shot by: ------------------------------------------------- Not Sponsored.

Cold Weather Gear: Layering Up Top 2014

I run through my cold weather layering system for the upper portion of my body. This is still a work in progress and input is appreciated.

Products to Make Winter Easier!

Oh, winter. It’s almost upon us again, and that means that it’s time to bust out the coats and boots and prepare ourselves for the worst! What if we told you that there are certain products out there that could help make your winter just that much better? Here, we’ll show you things that you might be interested in to make your snowy season that much better! Coming at you before the first flakes begin to fall—this is Products That Will Make Winter Easier! Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 6. More Mittens Alright, we saw what one would have to do to keep their hands warm while holding hands with their favorite person out in the cold, but what does one do when they want to text, and it’s in the negatives outside? It looks like what they’d have to do is check out this product, although they won’t be able to buy any because it seems as though they didn’t get past the fundraising stage. The Tahka glove was an idea for a product that had a window in it so that, should somebody want to text in the cold, they could. We’ve seen some weird products, and this is up there on that very list. With that being said, they seem to have been beaten out by this next invention, and it’s pretty easy to see why! 5. Genius Whoever came up with these is literally a genius and is probably really just a time traveler from the future. We know that these have been around for quite some time now and that there are plenty of variations and different brands making them, but we thought we had to show you the much better version of texting gloves than the last ones on this list. These things definitely made it past the planning and raising of funds stage, and they can now be found almost anywhere. No more struggling to touch your touchscreen and being sad when you can’t and have to remove your glove and freeze your hands off. No more ignoring your texts until you get where you’re going because it’s just too cold to respond. These are game changers and helped to refine and define the future of glove making, forever. 4. Snow Cover Why did we not have this years and years ago? Why do we all always struggle with chipping away at and scraping the windshields of our cars after it snows because they’re frozen solid rather than getting something like this? And to think, all it takes is putting this excellent cover on your windshield before you go inside anywhere or before you go to bed at night, and you could skip the dreadful process of scraping. Just peel it off in the morning, and voila, you’re all good to go! This just seems like a must-have and should probably be a requirement for all cars in all places that get snow considering we see some people drive with genuinely questionable visibility in the winter. How easy! How convenient! How awesome! And all for just $19.99 on Amazon. Have a better, easier winter with one of these things. We promise that you won’t regret it. Not even one bit! 3. Speaking of Scraping If you just have to scrape your car (probably because you didn’t take our advice and invest in the windshield cover), why wouldn’t you want to do it with a scraper that is designed to make the job much, much easier? Sure, they’ve got long scrapers, short scrapers, glove-handled scrapers, and scrapers that double as brushes, but did you know there is such thing as a heated scraper? No joke, this incredible product heats in just two minutes using the cigarette lighter in your car and gives you enough power to cut through even the iciest of icy windshields! It’s easy to use and will make your winter mornings much, much better, and you only have to spend $28.09 to get it. Good deal? We’d say, heck yeah it is! Don’t spend unnecessary time scraping and chopping away just to be able to see this year; get this and be on your way in no time! 2. Less Hands, More Feet Okay, so we know that we’ve talked a lot about what you can do if you have cold hands in the winter, but this one is for all of you that freeze your poor little feet off! Check out these excellent rechargeable sh oe insoles! This is perfect for those times when you just don’t know if you can go on because you can no longer feel your toes. If you’ve got these bad boys charged, all you have to do is slip them into your shoes, turn them on, and then use the remote to decide just how hot you want them. You can choose between low, high, and no heat and you’ll never, ever need to worry about getting frostbitten toes again! At least until the power runs out. Pick some up at Amazon or REI and long gone will be the days you thought your feet were going to die and fall off due to the cold! 1...

Knowing how to choose a winter jacket is easy with these quick tips from Heather.

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