Crochet Bolero Jacket for baby girl | क्रोशै बोलेरो जैकेट बनाये

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Crochet Shrug/Crochet Bolero Jacket

Hello friends This is my Smart knitting channel. Today i will show crochet shrug or you can say Bolero jacket.This is very much beautiful and very easy to make.Girls love to were this . I hope you will enjoy my video. Please Like Share and comment on my video. Also SUBSCRIBE my Channel and press the bell icon. Thank you.

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Hi YouTubers, Today I am sharing my new woolen project on Crochet Bolero Jacket or crochet shrug design for the baby girl. How to make a Crochet Bolero Jacket? Friends follow my detailed step-by-step instructions to make this jacket/shrug from scratch or from staring to end.

For this Crochet Bolero Jacket or crochet shrug design, you required
11 no. crosia/crochet
2 ply or 4 ply wool

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