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How to Wear a Cropped Leather Jacket for Your Body Type

We are loving the cropped jacket this season and we’ve asked QVC host Lisa Robertson to give us her best fashion advice on how to style a shorter, cropped jacket for your body type. Whether you are petite, curvy or long and lean, you can rock this look with the right layering pieces. For more Lisa: Hi, I’m Lisa Robertson and one of my favorite things to wear is a great, shorter, cropped jacket. So Meredith is joining us. Meredith is one of our petite models. When you look at a cropped jacket in petite, you want to make sure that it’s going to emphasize your figure. And this one does because it comes in at the waist. Look for vertical elements. Here we have the zippers. A little asymmetrical, a little vertical, really, really flattering. Especially on an hourglass figure because it brings your waist in. Also, when you look at the side, you’ll see that this hem goes up on the sides. That’s going to make you look taller, and that’s great if you’re petite or if you just want to look taller like I do. Adrienne’s 5’9” and Adrienne is full-figured and curvy and a little bit more of a pear shape. Look at how awesome this looks on Adrienne. What you get with a cropped jacket, is your eye coming up and when you are pear shaped, all the attention is up here. This brings your attention to generally, where you like your body. Your shoulders are good. It makes your bust look good. It comes in a little bit at the waist. That’s really great for a pear shape. Then you make sure that you layer your under piece long enough. The shorter the jacket, the longer the layering piece. So Michelle, is longer in the body. What this does with a short jacket, it draws your eye up and it makes her legs appear longer. And when you have a longer body, you always want to make your legs look longer and your body look shorter. Just visually, that’s what this crop jacket does for you. We’ve layered underneath with a great blouse. On her, we don’t have to go as long on the layering piece because she’s slim and tall. Just remember proportion and you will have the best looking figure ever with the shorter, cropped jacket in this season. Petite: Look for vertical elements. Zippers, hems going up. Look for jacket with the right proportions. Curvy: Layer the under piece long enough. Eye comes up, waist comes in. “The shorter the jacket, the longer the layering piece” Long & Lean: Layer with a shorter piece. Crop gives a longer body illusion. Helps define your waist


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