How the partners of GOD TV are transforming lives in Australia

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How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking

A part of a Derek Prince video called, How To Be Delivered From Demons And Demonic Oppression. The link for the whole teaching called, How To Be Delivered From Demons is,

Jesus a physical-encounter

I had a physical-encounter with Jesus. I have kept this to myself all these years. Thinking everyone would just think I was crazy. But I came forward with this event and the event of Contact from God that I had. As well as the lessons which sprang from all of this.

Secrets of the Seers

How would you like it if the Lord offered you “divine wisdom” that would transform your life and bring you and your family into the completeness of all He created you for? On this episode of Everlasting Love TV, Pastor Tony Kemp joins Patricia King to discuss how you can receive that kind of encounter, and that kind of wisdom. Pastor Tony is a humble servant of God who operates in powerful seer and miracle-working anointing. So much of what he walks in has come from divine encounters with the Lord and His angels. You will be amazed by the testimonies and revelation he shares, but even more you will be readied for encounters of your own!

╫ Muslim sees and hears Jesus!!! WOW!

Muslim encounters Jesus while praying to allah. THE BOOK SAM REFERRED TO: on: on: on: ╫ JOIN US: - Speaker: Sam Khan MUSIC CREDIT All music rights reserved (c) to the respective owners. We do not own the rights to the songs used. Permission has been obtained from Mattie Montgomery and Citipointe Live for use. "My Apology", sound recording belongs to: (00:01) MATTIE MONTGOMERY "Commission My Soul", sound recording belongs to: (09:00) CITIPOINTE LIVE "Encounter Me", sound recording belongs to: (04:00) Citipointe Live

SHOCKING: Former Son of Satan Reveals How he attacked Christians (Part 1)/ Ed Citronnelli

Bad dreams, nightmares, unexplained sicknesses, failure, setbacks, disappointments, demotion. Have you ever wondered what's happening? Well you may be under attack by demons and agents of Satan. This is not your portion. Through the name of Jesus you can overcome all the powers fo darkness. Watch this video and discover what may be the root of your problem. TO CONTACT THIS MINISTRY & PROPHET ED: TEL: 914-803-1050. (USA) WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: 24 CHANNEL:

God is setting the captives free. Hear how the lives of former drug addicts are being transformed through the ministry of Shalom House, a men's rehabilitation centre in Perth, Western Australia and the ministry of GOD TV.

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