Introduction to metal cutting - Machine Tools And Digital Manufacturing - module 1

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Basic Thermodynamics- Lecture 1_Introduction & Basic Concepts

This lecture series is presented by Mechanical Engineering Simplified. It covers all basic details about Thermodynamics. A must watch for all Mechanical Engineering learners...... Connect with us..... Youtube:- Facebook:- Twitter:- E-mail:-

How to use mix laser cutting machine with auto-feeding both for metal and nonmetals | MORN LASER

MORN LASER Products covers CO2 laser machine, fiber laser machine. Customizable service is available in MORN LASER, MAGIC LASER. 1. Video brief description Morn multi laser cutting machine with application and function is strong enough. As it can both cut the steel metals and kinds of nonmetals. Such as the stainless steel, mild steel, acrylic, wood, MDF, leather, etc. 2. Metal laser cutting machine machine main Features 1). The automatic feeding system is added to save time and cost, and to improve work efficiency. 2). Crawler correction device can prevent crawler belt dislocation when working. 3). Cloth auto-collecting device is very convenient for users to collect cloth. 4). Multi-layer feeding device is already for users to process multi-layer cloth at the same time. 5). To meet the demand of cutting in large width, Bodor laser cutting machine bed adopts the machine tool-level chassis to ensure the stability and accuracy in high speed working. 6). The moving system adopts Taiwan Hiwin linear guide and precision gear, matched up with the advanced DSP-controlled 3-phase stepper motor to ensure the working accuracy. 7). News-style high-efficiency laser tube is adopted. Laser beam is more stable than the traditional type. Usage age is more than 10000 hours. 3. Why choose MORN LASER mixed laser cutting machine? 1). Professional laser manufacturer and exporter with 10 years experience. 2). High standard batch production line with strict quality control. 3). Hands-on laser applications help recommend optimum laser solution. 4). Lifetime technical support and overseas service available. 5). CE, FDA and ISO certification. 4. MORN LASER products service 1). Before sale: We will try to know your requests about what work you will do and help you choose the most suitable machine specification & give you the best solution. 2). During production: We will send photos of machines during production. so customers can know more details about the procession of making their machines. 3). Before shipping: We will confirm the specification of order to avoid the mistake and we will test & adjust the machine until it has the best performance. 4). After shipping: We will give you the tracking information of the sea vessel so customers can know when it will arrive at your port and make enough preparation. 5). After arrival:We will confirm with you if machine is in good condition. and see if any spare parts were broken during sea shipping then help to solve the insurance. 6. Buy laser cutting/engraving machine tips In order to help you choose the best suitable machine, please try to reply these questions below and contact with us: 1). What is your materials , wood, acrylic or something else? 2). What is the size of your mateiral length ? width and thickness? 7. Contact with us Phone:+86-531- 55572152/ 55572836 Fax:+86-531-88692337 Mobile Phone/whatsapp/Viber/Wechat:+86-18653198369 Skype:salesmorntech Catalog: People & Blogs License: Standard Youtube License

Do you know how an electrical cable is manufactured?

In this videoblog we will show you how an electrical cable is made. The technology needed to ensure an electrical cable stays in good working condition for several years without problems involves complicated manufacturing processes which require highly qualified staff. CONDUCTOR WIRE DRAWING WIRING INSULATION PHASE WIRING ADDITIONAL COVERINGS OUTER SHEATH QUALITY CONTROL SHIPPING SUSTAINABILITY

How industrial robot is made?

Idea of self-reproducing robot has been realized, at least on a simple level: Kuka robots help build copies of itself.

Cutting and loading seed sugarcane 2017

Tex-Emma Farms in Napoleonville, La. cutting and loading plant cane.

1st keyword in module 1 of mtdm as per KTU mechanical engineering syllabus

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