Most UNBELIEVABLE Discoveries on Earth

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Bizarre Discoveries That Scientists Can't Explain

Scientists often get baffled when unraveling discoveries and mysteries, as they try to findlogic where it may seem to be absent. But not all discoveries can be explained by science. At the very least, not for now. Here are 10 of the most bizarre discoveries that scientists can't explain. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit:

This Ancient Discovery Made In 2017 Changed The Face Of History Forever

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Impossible Discoveries: The Truth for Humankind

From artifacts way too advanced for their time to stones far too large to be moved by humans, here is forbidden archaeology an impossible truth for humankind Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 6. Baalbek You won’t find this ancient structure in Rome or Greece. Try Lebanon. Some believe that it’s evidence of a supercivilization. In Roman times it was known as Heliopolis or Sun City and it’s home to some of the largest stones ever quarried. Some were actually 1200 tons and remains a true enigma on how it was constructed. The oldest parts of this ruin has no known origins despite some of the buildings at this site being Roman, like the temple of Jupiter. It seems highly unlikely for the Romans to be able to quarry such large stones. They had neither the technology nor the resources, especially due to the fact that this site is so far from Rome. It out dates all known civilizations that inhabited this area. Fortunately it has survived the centuries despite many wars in this region but with recent conflict, it’s suggested to avoid the area. 5. Sacsayhuaman These mysterious rocks in Peru were extremely large and place on top of each other with serious precision. These are believed to be ancient Killke ruins outside the city of Cusco and were apart of a fortificated or religious complex. Very little is known about this civilization that lived in Peru before the Incas Working with such massive stones, only theories can be made to try to explain it. The stones first had to be cut at a quarry and each stone would have needed hundreds of people to lift one if that’s even possible. The method used to precisely match the shape of the stone with the stones next to them is still a mystery, proving how little we know about our history. 4. Nazca Lines Although you likely wouldn’t be able to notice from the ground level, the nazca lines are a group of large trenches located in peru that form various images if looked at from above. Each figure if fairly complex and it’s almost as if they were trying to send a message to the gods looking down at them. There are more than 70 designs as animals and even a strange looking human. As you can tell, the “human” has very noticeably large eyes which almost makes it seem not human at all. They were created by the Nazca people sometimes between 500BC to 500 AD and have managed to stay mysteriously well preserved throughout the century despite a few threats from squatters. Buthy would an ancient people go through so much painstaking labor to create artwork that they would never be able to see? 3. Gate of the Sun Located near lake Titicaca in the ancient city of Tiwanaku, is a mysterious prehistoric gate that could date back to 14,000 BC making it much older than the city of Ur in Mesopotamia by 11,000 years. Stones in this city are known to weigh as much as 150 tons Prehistoric man seemed to be capable of some miraculous things from time to time and it’s believed that all 3 stones combine to weigh 10 tons total. This was considered to be the gate of the gods, so it was pretty important. There are various representations of different images sculpted into the top of the gate which most likely appears to be the sun god of this ancient kingdom. Others claim that the gate holds astronomical significance and it frames the sun on special days of the year during sunset. ARchaeologists might refuse to believe that bolivia could actually be the cradle of civilization, making it somewhat of an impossible truth. 2. Quimbaya Airplanes The quimbaya airplanes are golden artifacts that were found in Columbia and made by the Quimbaya civilization. This group of people is known for making many bizarre artifacts that wouldn make a lot of wonder if they were even human Many believe this to evidence of ancient civilizations either having contact with people who had flying capabilities. Of course mainstream, archeologists want to describe these as flying lizards, birds or insects but others firmly believe the answers to these mysteries are found from out of this world. Supporters of this theory claim the objects to be far too aerodynamically accurate and replicas have been proven to fly. At the very least, it appears to show that the ancients had some knowledge about what was required in order to make things fly. Here in these photos you can see some of these objects even seem to have propellers and appear to resemble quite similar to our modern flying aircraft. Was this civilization visited by alien life, and carved these gold sculptures in their form? 1...

UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !

You won't believe the strange, weird, bizarre and scary things found after a tsunami hits ! From sea monsters; to deep sea buildings. Subscribe to Talltanic 5.Buoys These buoys were just common port objects before the Japanese tsunami of 2011, but on American soil they look completely out of place. This yellow pod showed up on the shores of Northwest America, heightening fear that the United State’s West coast couldn’t handle the massive amounts of toxic debris that was set to come into the area. Years later, items from afar are still appearing in parts of Washington, Oregon, and California. The thought of how far away sea traveling objects had to move from just really proves how powerful the Pacific ocean currents are. 4.It’s Both With it appearing to weigh so much, it’s no wonder that it took the full force of a tsunami to hoist this big ole guy out the water and into human captivity. Researchers believe it to be some type of cross hybrid between a Beluga whale and a shark, but who knew that those two species of animal could even breed? It was probably one of those “shark from the wrong side of the tracks falls in love with the innocent but spontaneous beluga whale” type romances. 3.Look Out For This One Yikes! We’re going to need a bigger boat to deal with this guy. This huge fish washed ashore on the shores of New York harbor after a miniature tsunami came and wiped out small portions of Brooklyn. The current carried hipsters all the way to Boston, Massachusetts, where their wicker hats and old fashioned bicycles were not socially accepted. This fish is called “The April Fools Day” flounder, because he is completely fake. This picture was actually originally posted on the New York Post as an introduction to another actual real creature that was discovered. Sorry, everyone! 2.One Eyed Susan This fish appears to be so creepy, that it is probing us to ask you this fun “would you rather” question. Would you rather eat this fish, or have to stare in the eye for three hours straight? Neither option is preferable. We say “eye” instead of “eyes , because apparently, this fish only had one eye. The sheer look of terror in his -eye- was probably caused by the crazy powerful tsunami he had to surf all the way to the shore. 1.Mosque Remains While many people tend to remember and focus on the 2011 tsunami in Japan, there have been many other horrible tsunamis that have caused much destruction over the years. For example, the Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004. The town of Meulaboh, located on the West coast of Sumatra, lost forty thousand citizens out of it’s already mid-sized population . A series of seven waves caused by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake caused most of the city to be washed away into the wrath of the sea. The Indonesian province was hit the hardest over any other country affected by the quake. This grayish looking pod almost appears to be an old spaceship from the 1960s, but it actually means so much more to people of Meulaboh. Many people in Indonesia are deeply religious, and have turned to God for answers to try and understand why so much sadness and destruction would come into their lives. Some people blame it on the wrath of God who wanted to send a “wake up call” to a reportedly “sinful city”, and the remaining mosques have been places to regain hope and strength.

Most INSANE Private Jets You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Ever felt like just flying away on a jet plane? No? Well after today’s video, you definitely will feel like it! We’re going jet-setting in some of the most insane private jets you’ll ever come across! Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 9 - Time flies when you’re having fun… Jim Carrey, like John Travolta, also has a passion for flying and he owns a luxury private jet, a Gulfstream V. This craft is only 1 of 100, and reports suggest Carrey spent $41 million on it! Tom Cruise also owns one of these craft, but it’s not said whether Carrey can fly it or not. I’m leaning towards not, as he does have a crew of two that work for him and the Gulfstream V is said to be one of the highest performance and safety intensive private jets in the world. 8 - Happy Landings… Of course, Oprah Winfrey has her own jet, and hers is a Global Express XRS Jet, which can accommodate up to 10 passengers. It cost $42,000,000 and this jet is said to be rather popular among the who’s who and other celebs including Celine Dion and Steven Spielberg. 7 - Queen of the Skies… That’s the name given to this Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ, and before any modifications have been done on this beast, the cost is $357 Million. One was bought by a private investor, who paid millions for his custom-designed interior. The interior gives you 4,800 square feet of space, which includes a full office, gorgeous dining room – with the ability to convert into a boardroom, lounge, and there’s another lounge located in the hump at the top. This plane makes luxury hotels look pale in comparison. 6 - On the wings of a prayer… Mark Cuban spent $144.1 million on a Boeing 767-277 which was designed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Mark Cuban has no shortage of funds and is an American business magnate and investor. This craft features luxurious interiors and boasts some pretty impressive high-performance figures. Cuban is no stranger to planes, and purchased his first in 1999, a Gulfstream V for $40 million. He says buying the aircrafts were his best investments, and he doesn’t see it as showing off, but rather a necessity as he now doesn’t waste any time and can spend more time with his friends and family. 5 - Avid traveler… We mentioned Steven Spielberg earlier, and he too owns a Global Express XRS. These jets are powered by Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, can travel for 16-hours without needing to be refueled and can maintain an altitude of 51,000-feet. 4 - Take your seats for landing… Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the founders of Google. They created it in 1998 when they were PhD students at Stanford University, California. They own roughly 14% of the shares and are in control of 56% of the stockholder voting power. They own a Boeing 767-200 estimated to have cost them $25 million. This luxury passenger jet has earned the nickname ‘Google Jet’ or ‘Google One’ and it won landing rights at Moffet Field, which is owned and run by NASA. This is the first time ever that the private runway has been open to a private aircraft. This aircraft can carry up to 50 passengers, and was a second-hand model bought from Qantas. Whether this has already happened, reports are unclear, but there was talk of 2 opulent staterooms, a sitting room, dining area and even hammocks hanging from the ceiling. 3 - Cabin crew take your seats… He earned the title of the highest paid man in entertainment in 2011 by Forbes, so it’s no wonder that Tyler Perry can afford to spend $125million on a Gulfstream III. Perry is an actor, playwright, and filmmaker and has directed many well-known movies. His Gulfstream III has been customized to become a “flying theatre” and boasts several huge displays and a library of films and play to choose from. Say goodbye to regular window shades and hello to a special type of glass that can control the opacity with a click of a button. Top speeds are 576 mph and it has a range of 4,200 miles. 2 - Earn your wings… Rupert Murdoch has done just that, and he’s bought himself a Boeing Business Jet for a considerable amount of money. These jets have a starting price of $47 Million and range to $310 Million. With a net worth of $15.9 billion, he can afford to splash out. as the Boeing Business Jet or Boeing 737 can accommodate 50 people and has additional fuel tanks for intercontinental range. There’s every commodity his heart could desire and is manned by a crew of four. It can reach 41,000-feet and has 2 CFM International CFM56-7 turbofan engines powering it. Each jet can be custom-designed according to your budget, so hopefully yours is a large one!

Our planet holds some pretty exciting things, from hidden histories to surprising mysteries, and we thought we’d give you another look at some of the more excellent finds on the place we call home. Here you’ll find birds bigger than you can fathom, temperatures that were once deemed impossible, devices that we don’t know much about, and much more. So sit back, grab a snack, and get ready for Most Unbelievable Discoveries on Earth!

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Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:-
Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here-
Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here-

4. Absolute Zero
It seems as though absolute zero isn’t so absolute! It was once thought to be the coldest temperature possible, but as some researchers showed a few years back, absolute zero isn’t the coldest that things can go! What temperature is that? Well, it’s negative 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit or negative 273.15 degrees Celsius! Holy moly! When the temperature of an object is taken, the temperature is actually a measure of how much its atoms are moving, and at absolute zero, the particles in things stop moving altogether, therefore, according to the Kelvin scale, nothing can be colder than that. But, a team of scientists in German from Ludwig Maximilian University managed to cool down a cloud of gas atoms inside of a vacuum to below the negative 459.67 point, and the researchers were so surprised with their accomplishment that they didn’t even know what to do with the atoms! They reached temperatures that were a few billionths of a Kelvin below the absolute zero mark, and that’s remarkable! The almost unbelievable temperatures reached are officially the lowest ever found and the gas particles are the coldest things that have ever existed… on our planet, at least.

3. The Tsunamis of Mars
So, there seems to be some proof that Mars could have experienced some powerful tsunamis back in the day, like way, way back in the day, like billions of years ago! We first started to think that there may have been a vast Martian ocean back in the 1990’s when a man named Timothy Parker studied images from NASA’s Viking program and found what might actually be an ancient shoreline on the planet. Since the findings, some scientists have come up with the idea that some of the asteroids that created the pockmarked surface of the planet probably crashed into the giant ocean, which would have, without a doubt, caused tsunamis. And they’ve found some evidence that is compelling enough to pay attention to. There seem to be features known as “thumbprint terrain” near where the tsunamis are thought to have hit, which can be explained by how a tsunami works: in multiple pulses, one on the way inland and one on the way back out to sea. It’s thought that the waves would have reached a massive 300 meters tall but would have died down to roughly 75 or 80 meters by the time they hit the shore. That’s 262.467 feet! The tallest wave ever recorded on Earth was 78 feet tall… just let that sink in.

2. Antikythera
So, if you haven’t heard of the Antikythera Mechanism yet, it’s time that you learned a little bit about it. It was discovered back in 1900 or 1901, inside of the Antikythera shipwreck off of the Greek island Antikythera… hence the name. It’s believed to have been designed as some kind of ancient analog computer by the Greeks to try and accurately predict eclipses and various astronomical positions. It’s made up of a complex system of at least thirty meshing bronze gears, and detailed imaging suggested that it was made up of 37. It’s also said to have been used to help track the cycle of different athletic games that were similar to the Olympic Games. The intensely technologically advanced mechanism has been dated back to somewhere around 87 BC and was lost just a few short years later, and the shipwreck in which it was found happened around 70 to 60 BC. It’s not exactly known why the mechanism was on board the ship but many think that it was stolen and was being transported from Rhodes to Rome with all sorts of other stolen treasures to support a parade that was being held by none other than Julius Caesar. This just goes to show that ancient civilizations were more advanced than we thought… or was it aliens, man?


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