Plastic Bag Project Part

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rope making

this is how i make rope.every body wants to know i think this may help. please leave your comments and advise.


Maquina sencilla para construir cuerdas decorativas

Rope making

Making a 20mm rope (from 3 10mm ropes) with my kids.

Plastic Bag Project Part 2

This video shows how to make a longer rope out of plastic trash bags and make thicker ropes.

How to make a broom from plastic bottles | Homemade

Steps:- 1. Remove the label on the bottle. 2. Remove the bottom of the bottle with the penknife. 3. Measure the distance between each cut. (1 cm) 4. Make cuts in the bottle. 5. Remove the neck with penknife. 6. Cut the top of another bottle. 7. Fitting parts with no neck, one by one over the part with neck. 8. Fit the top over the base of the broom. 9. Drill two holes and insert the wire through all layers of bottles. 10. Pull the wire to the other side. 11. Twist the ends to fasten. 12. Secure parts with a nail. 13. Your broom is ready ------------------------------------------------------------------ Song : ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ BEST: 5 crazy ideas with plastic bottle Link ------------------------------------------------------------------ How to make a broom from plastic bottles | Homemade

Learn how to make rope out of plastic bags. Help clean up the environment and create products that create revenue.

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