Ethiopia breaking news today July 10, 2018 [ መታየት ያለበት አስደንጋጭ ዜና ]

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Ethiopia ወያኔዎች ዶ/ር አብይን የሚጠሉበት ሚስጥር ሲጋለጥ Dr Abiy Ahmed

ESAT Eletawi Fri 21 sept 2018

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JOUNAL 4trè - Samedi 22 septembre 2018 / NOUVÈL Total sou Kiskeya ak Liliane Pierre-Paul

JOUNAL 4trè (22-09-2018) / JOUNAL Kreyol sou KISKEYA - Présentatrice : Lilianne Pierre-Paul - Invité JOUNAL 4trè : Ingénieur Michel Hector - Please like, share subscribe

ጠ/ሚ አብይ የኢሳያስን ባለቤትና ልጆች ሲተዋወቅ PM Abiy Ahmed meets Eritrea's First Family.

Please Like, share and subscribe to our channel to get the latest news and updates. Thank you! During his two day visit the Prime Minster of Ethiopia pays a visit to the first family of Eritrea.

የነፃነት ወርቅነህ አስቂኝ ትእይንቶች

የነፃነት ወርቅነህ አስቂኝ ትእይንቶች

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