BIGGEST And Most TERRIFYING Industrial Machines!

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Top 10 Biggest Vehicles Of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Vehicles Of All Time ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: As the world progresses, the need for bigger machines arises. From giant pieces of mining equipment and flying cargo fortresses, to incredibly huge moving platforms transporting tons of equipment. We went out to find some of these legendary giants and put together 10 Biggest Vehicles of All Time. 10. Bagger 293 - If you've never seen this massive earth mover before, then you would be amazed by its sheer size. The Bagger 293 is the largest land vehicle in the world and holds the Guinness World record. It is the latest in a series of large earth moving excavators, with this one being the largest of them all. 9. Nasa Crawler Transporter - This is the biggest crawler-transporter in the world. It’s amazing that something that was designed over 50 years ago is still the largest track vehicles ever made. 8. SPMT - Almost like the NASA Transporter, but utilizing rubber tires and wheels. The SPMT, or 'Self-Propelled Modular Transporters' consist of different modules with 4, 5, 6 and 8 axle lines. Load capacity differs per version, with a maximum of up to 44 tons per axle line. 7. Caterpillar 797B - These large dump trucks have been in production since 1998, and are Caterpillar's largest and highest capacity dump trucks, or often called a 'haul-truck'. The engine in this beast has 3,400 horsepower, and gets that from a 24-cylinder electronic unit injection, quad single-stage turbocharged, liquid after-cooled, four-stroke diesel engine, the Cat 3524B HD. 6. BelAZ 75710 - If you want to know what the largest haul truck in the world is, take a look at the BelAZ 75710. This giant earth moving machine that was built in 2013 has a conventional two-axle setup, but the wheels are doubled to four wheels per axle. It needs eight 59 by 80R 63 inch tires. 5. Prelude FLNG - The Prelude is the world’s second floating liquefied natural gas platform as well as the world’s biggest offshore facility ever constructed. This massive floating rig 1,601 feet long, and 243 feet wide. It was made with more than 260,000 tons of steel, and fully loaded will displace more than 600,000 tons. 4. Antonov an-225 Mriya - It's hard to get an idea of just how big this airplane is without seeing it person, but just one of its wings is the same width as an entire Airbus A320, and it’s also double the length of the passenger jet. It was designed and built in Ukraine, part of the Soviet Union in the 1980s, by the Antonov Corporation to carry Soviet space shuttles. 3. LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train - is the world’s longest off-road vehicle. It is able to move 100 tons of cargo over sand, snow, and other rough terrain. The TC-497, at 572 feet long, had four 1,170 horsepower solar gas turbine engines with a total of 4,680 horsepower. 2. Schwerer Gustav 800mm Rail Cannon - Named after the head of the Krupp family, the Gustav Gun weighed in at a massive 1344 tons, so heavy that even though it was attached to a rail car, it still had to be disassembled before moving so as to not destroy the twin set of tracks as it passed over. Gustav eventually went to war at the siege of Sevastopol in July 1942. 1. The Terex/Bucyrus RH400 - The Bucyrus RH400, owned by Caterpillar, is the world’s biggest hydraulic excavators. It was originally launched by Terex in Germany in 1997, but Bucyrus acquired the mining equipment division of Terex in 2010, and Bucyrus was acquired by Caterpillar in 2011.

HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station

This explains each interior pressurized module, crew living quarters, and scientific equipment.

World Dangerous Idiots Operator Truck And Excavator Heavy Equipment Fail Skill Work

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BADASS Ocean Creatures That EAT Land Animals!

Check out these BADASS Ocean Creatures That EAT Land Animals! This top 10 list of fish that eat creatures on land has some of the most amazing and craziest wildlife in nature! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World!" video here: Watch our "10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat!" video here: Watch our "STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets!" video here: 9. Killifish It may not be too far a stretch to call the Killifish one of the most unique and interesting fish in the world. That's because this is a fish that only lives for about a year, and it uses its body as a missile in order to get food. However, one of the most shocking and surprising things about it, is that it can live on land for a week despite being a fish!! 8. European Wels Catfish The Wels Catfish is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish. This giant fish is native to Eastern Europe but can now be found all over thanks to fishermen who wanted to be able to fish them for sport in Spain and Italy. These fish can get up to 15 feet long and weigh anywhere from 300 to 600 pounds!! 7. Silver Arowana In South America, there is a fish known as the Silver Arowana, and it's known to be quite a vicious predator. It has a leaping ability that is so good that they are able to jump out of the water in order to catch birds, insects, and even grab low-hanging snakes. Just as important though is that they do it with such speed and accuracy that their prey doesn't have time to react, ensuring that they get their meal. 6. Eel Catfish The Eel Catfish is another unique fish that has developed the ability to move onto land!! This fish is found in the muddy swamps of western Africa can grow 12-16 in long (30-40cm). What’s weird about them is that they love to eat beetles which are found on land! The fish has to be hungry enough to want to go through the effort but when it does, it propels itself onto the shore, raises up the front part of its body, and lunges at it with its jaws wide so it can bite down on the beetle. 5. Giant Trevally When BBC was filming their special "Blue Planet II", they were given a tip that there were fish eating birds off of the coast of the Seychelles. The fish that was doing this was one that had not been documented before as ever eating birds! The Giant Trevally fish. 4. Rainbow Trout When it comes to the Rainbow Trout, it already had a reputation for being an extraordinary fish. Mainly because of its fighting spirit and the ability it has to leap out of the water, but when a research team caught a very special Rainbow Trout on camera, they were shocked!! Inside the Rainbow Trout were about 20 shrews. 3. Sharks Sharks are one of the top predators in the ocean, and so you might think that they wouldn't even need to feast on land animals or birds in order to feed their hunger. But the fact of the matter is, when a shark is hungry, they are not going to be picky!! They're known for eating seals, sea lions, and other creatures that hover between land and sea, and for certain species like Tiger Sharks, they're perfectly fine with catching birds right out of the air. 2. Archer Fish When it comes to a creature of the water getting a creature on the land, or in the air, they usually have to develop a special technique. The Archer Fish preys on bugs and other small creatures that hover too close to the water. And with the Archer Fish, they have arguably gotten the most unique, and potentially epic, adaptation of all: the ability to shoot water like a bullet. 1. Orcas While Orcas are not fish, I had to include them on this list because they are very impressive apex predators!! These guys are known as Killer Whales for a reason and they have earned that title by killing creatures both in the water and on land. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!


Mind Warehouse ► 1. Prinoth Leitner LH 500 2. 8600 Badger Breaker 3. Wabco 333FT 4. Dal-Bo RolloMaximum 5. PistenBully 6. Magnum Mulcher 7. HT1042 Shredder 8. XR20 9. Liebherr 984 10. A-Rex

Check out the BIGGEST And Most TERRIFYING Industrial Machines! This top 10 list of largest and most extreme vehicles has some of the most amazing heavy equipment that exists today!

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This massive rock-cutting machine looks like a giant chainsaw, but is far more powerful and specialized, and can cut effortlessly through bedrock. The chain trencher’s purpose is to excavate hard rock to create a space, or a “trench,” for installing utilities.

This nightmarish contraption might look like a giant mechanical spider, but it’s actually a machine prototype called the Walking Tractor Timberjack. Developed in the 1990’s by a Finnish John Deere subsidiary known as Plustech, the peculiar machine’s primary function is to harvest trees in challenging terrain. With six legs that can move forward, backward, and diagonally, its unique design enables it to traverse areas that are unreachable by traditional harvesters.

Also known as a “mole,” a tunnel boring machine is used to excavate circular tunnels through a variety of soil and rock strata - basically anything from hard rock to sand. Tunnel boring machines are used as an advantageous alternative to drilling and blasting methods, producing smooth tunnel walls and limiting the disturbance to the surrounding ground. These capabilities mean that the tunnel boring machine is a big money saver, especially in heavily urbanized areas.

Equipped with a large, rotating steel drum with tungsten carbide teeth that scrape coal from the seam, the continuous rock miner effortlessly tears at rock as if it’s rotten wood. The terrifying but efficient machine can mine up to five tons of coal a minute, which is more than could be produced in an entire day by a manual laborer of the past. Removed coal is transported by the machine’s conveyor.

4. BAGGER 288
When it comes to mining machines, this next item on makes the continuous rock miner look wimpy. The Bagger 288 is the world’s largest land vehicle, but it’s not just the machine’s size that makes it intimidating. It looks essentially like a spinning wheel of death! Known more formally as a bucket wheel excavator or a mobile strip mining machine, the Bagger 288 was completed in 1978, after five painstaking years of construction, by German company Krupp, for the specific purpose of excavating the Tagebau Hambach coal mine.

Once the biggest moving mechanism on the planet, Big Muskie weighed an astounding 27 million pounds and was 490 feet long and over 220 feet tall. She was 151 feet wide - about the same size as an eight lane highway! A crew of five was required just to start Big Muskie. During her years of operation, from 1969 until 1991, the $25 million machine excavated over 20 million tons of coal.

2. SLJ900
In recent years, China has been faced with the challenge of keeping its infrastructure up with its rapidly accelerating economy, and the need for new bridges is greater than ever before. This innovative and astonishingly huge piece of equipment changed the way bridges are built. At 328 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 30 feet tall, you can’t miss it.

A 35-year-old man named Victor Gerena was violently taken in 2014 when he got caught in a shellfish-shucking machine at his workplace, Sea Watch International, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. While cleaning the machine, he became ensnared by it rotary turbine engine. Emergency personnel freed the man’s body by partially dismantling the machine, which ended up being an hour-long process.

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