POP CRAFT Red Hot Knife Vs Nokia Mobile Phone - Whats inside it?

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POP CRAFT Red Hot Knife Vs Nokia Mobile Phone - Whats inside it?.
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Search POP CRAFT in youtube to find more video do it yourself, blossom, clothes, how to make, 5-minute crafts, back to school, diy ideas, kids life hacks, best life hacks, minute crafts, balloon, educational videos, power vision, experiment, tips and tricks, useful life hacks, easy hacks, life hack, diy crafts, diy hacks, school life hacks, kitchen hacks, simple life hacks1000 degree knife vs retro Nokia mobile phone. The Nokia 5110 handset is a real classic with its superb battery and retro snake LCD game, but time to see what's inside it so time for the red hot knife treatment.

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