Big Brother 8 - BB Tells Emily to Leave the House @ 3AM

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Big Brother 14: Willie's Expulsion

In the fifth episode of the fourteenth season of Big Brother US, Willie Hantz (brother of Survivor's CBS Reality Show, Russell Hantz) was expelled from the Big Brother house by violence. Willie was threatening Joe, by screaming at him and pushing him, just because of Joe calling him out. His coach Britney, told him to call down and he refused. Later on, the producers decided to remove Willie Hantz from the game, leaving 9 House Guests and the 4 Coaches, making a total of 13 House Guests. No copyright infringement to CBS. Big Brother 14: - Episode 5, aired on July 22nd, 2012. - House Guests remaining: Ashley, Danielle, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Jojo, Shane and Will. - Coaches remaining: Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina and Mike "Boogie" Malin. - Evicted House Guests: Jodi, Kara and Willie.

Top 12 Worst Moves in Big Brother US History

Headings for list (aka spoilers) : 12 - Jacob deliberately upsets the power couple 11 - Roddy won't lie to Amy to get the Veto used on him at final 6 10 - Paul evicts James and loses to Nicole 9 - Nathan uses the Veto on Allison and is evicted shortly afterwards 8 - Dick and Danielle try to backdoor Eric with Jessica's help 7 - Ollie steps down from HoH competition to make deal with Dan 6 - Howie nominates James and Sarah 5 - Jason and Danielle decide to evict Amy instead of Lisa at final 4 4 - Marcellas doesn't use Veto on himself at final 5 3 - Danielle vetoes Dan so he can vote out her showmance 2 - Lawon wants to be evicted so he can return with "special powers" 1 - One of the greatest players of all time is outplayed by Erika and voted out by his own showmance (aka trying to woo both girls at the same time on his "double date")

BB12 : Kathy Hillis can't win any competitions

BB12 : Kathy Hillis can't win any competitions

Big Brother - Medical Emergency

Derrick calls out for help as Victoria's pain becomes too much. Click HERE to subscribe to the Big Brother channel: Subscribe for Live Feed access to see it all! Sign up HERE:

Top 5 Flashiest Moves By Big Brother Winners

Counting down and discussing what I believe are the top 5 flashiest moves by winners in the history of Big Brother up to this point. SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW FOR ALL THE BIG BROTHER GOODNESS! :D Twitter ► Instagram ► EXPECT A NEW VIDEO EVERY THURSDAY!

Big Brother 8 - BB Tells Emily to Leave the House @ 3AM

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