Big Brother 8 - BB Tells Emily to Leave the House @ 3AM

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The Evolution of the "Backdoor" in Big Brother

Let's talk about one of the most common strategies in Big Brother and how it came to be - this is the evolution of the "backdoor" in Big Brother. For those curious, here's every player who's been backdoored (intentional or otherwise): BB5 - Jase BB6 - Eric, James BB7 - Kaysar BB8 - Mike, Nick, Jen BB9 - James BB10 - Brian BB11 - Braden, Jessie BB12 - Annie BB13 - Cassi, Lawon, Brendon BB14 - Janelle BB15 - Jeremy BB16 - Joey, Amber, Zach BB17 - Jace, Jeff, Audrey, Jason BB18 - Victor, Da'vonne BBOTT - Shane BB19 - Cody x2 CBB - None! BB20 - Swaggy C, Bayleigh SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW FOR ALL THE BIG BROTHER GOODNESS! :D Twitter ► Instagram ► EXPECT A NEW VIDEO EVERY THURSDAY!

Big Brother 14: Willie's Expulsion

In the fifth episode of the fourteenth season of Big Brother US, Willie Hantz (brother of Survivor's CBS Reality Show, Russell Hantz) was expelled from the Big Brother house by violence. Willie was threatening Joe, by screaming at him and pushing him, just because of Joe calling him out. His coach Britney, told him to call down and he refused. Later on, the producers decided to remove Willie Hantz from the game, leaving 9 House Guests and the 4 Coaches, making a total of 13 House Guests. No copyright infringement to CBS. Big Brother 14: - Episode 5, aired on July 22nd, 2012. - House Guests remaining: Ashley, Danielle, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Jojo, Shane and Will. - Coaches remaining: Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina and Mike "Boogie" Malin. - Evicted House Guests: Jodi, Kara and Willie.

Best speeches in Big Brother US/CAN History

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BB8 - Eric Revals His Secret

Eric has played for America all season, and now its time for him to reveal his secret to the rest of the players

#8 - Twins Revealed

Big Brother Top 20 Favorite Memories The twins fooled the entire BB5 house and pulled one of the best twists in Reality TV history. Their reveal was so memorable you voted them as #8 on the list.

Big Brother 8 - BB Tells Emily to Leave the House @ 3AM

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