Inside Adobe Lightroom Mobile with Product Manager Josh Haftel

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The Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi (ENG’05 W’05)

Product managers drive the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. While one can often quickly comprehend the basic responsibilities of the role, mastering each of these dimensions is truly an art form that one is constantly honing. In this presentation I'll share my lessons learned over the last decade as a product manager in Silicon Valley on the art behind each of these dimensions of product management. Sachin Rekhi is a serial entrepreneur and product leader who has spent the last decade developing innovative products in Silicon Valley. Sachin most recently founded Connected, a professional contact manager that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2011 and re-launched as LinkedIn Contacts. He went on become head of product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's flagship offering for sales professionals. Prior to Connected, Sachin founded Anywhere.FM, a web music player that allowed users to upload, play, and discover music online, which was acquired by imeem in 2008. Sachin started his career at Microsoft as a product lead on Visual Studio, Microsoft's developer tools platform. Sachin recently left LinkedIn and has been advising early-stage startups on product strategy, design, and growth.

TWiP PRO Photo Critique 52 - Jan 28, 2019

Troy Miller and Frederick Van Johnson review the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO Photo Critique topic within the TWiP PRO Community! See the images in high-res here: Join TWiP PRO: Connect with Troy Miller: ------ + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

How Many Megapixels In A Billboard

read the full post here: Check out our full photography tutorials here: You don't need very much resolution to print a billboard. Due to the viewing distance, and the resolving power of the human eye, 2mp may be more than enough resolution for the average billboard.

TWiP 552 - The Best Camera Ever Made!

In this episode, commercial photographer Wayne Johns joins me to discuss the idea of chasing the best camera “holy grail”. Manufacturers have ratcheted up their release schedules and it seems like a new amazing camera, lens or drone shows up every few months. But can our bank accounts sustain this? Should we be on this rapid release upgrade schedule? Or just be happy with what we have. Is there a happy medium? We also cover DJI’s recent news about employee corruption. A corporate disaster that could cost the company over 100 million dollars. What does this mean to drone fanatics? What does this mean for the competition? ------------ + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –


Today I'm teaching you how to edit photos in LIGHTROOM MOBILE like a PRO with this easy Lightroom mobile editing tutorial! Knowing how to edit pics in Lightroom Mobile, how to edit photos on your phone, or just basic iPhone photo editing or Android iPhone editing, is important to take your Instagram game to the next level! In this Lightroom mobile tutorial for beginners (and advanced users too!), I’ll walk you through my Lightroom mobile workflow and teach you how to edit photos on iPhone/how to edit photos on Android! Don't forget to comment your tips on how to edit iPhone photos and how to edit Android photos in the comments section and "@"-mention me in your Lightroom Mobile photos (@BMACadelic) that you upload to Instagram! I'd love to check them out! Also, if you want more Lightroom CC Mobile tutorial and Lightroom CC Mobile editing videos, let me know in the comments! - FOLLOW BMAC ON INSTAGRAM - Instagram - - TRY ADOBE LIGHTROOM FOR FREE - Adobe Lightroom (Free Trial) - - WATCH MORE PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIALS - Photography & Filmmaking Tutorials Video Playlist - Comment "#AdobeLITroom" if you're reading this and SUBSCRIBED W/ NOTIFICATIONS TURNED ON! - THE BMAC DIGITAL STORE - Download LUTs, Presets, & Digital Assets to improve your filmmaking & photography: Visit The "BMAC Digital Store" - - THE BMAC EMAIL LIST- Sign up for access to exclusive tutorials, content, and updates before anyone else: Join The "BMAC Email List" - - BMAC'S GEAR - Browse the equipment that I use for my filmmaking & photography: Check out BMAC's Gear - - THE BMAC MERCH SHOP - Show your support and rock some exclusive BMAC merchandise: Shop At The "BMAC Merch Shop" - - BMAC’S EDITING SOFTWARE - Download a free trial of my favorite video and photo editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro (Free Trial) - Adobe Lightroom (Free Trial) - Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial) - - BMAC'S SOCIAL MEDIA - Stay in-the-know on daily BMAC updates: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - - BMAC'S MUSIC & CREDITS - Download the music used in this video: Music - engelwood ( Welcome to "BMACadelic" - a filmmaking, photography, tech, and lifestyle YouTube channel with a touch of humor. With cinematic video content created and hosted by Brian MacDuff, perhaps better known as "BMAC" to his ever-growing community of YouTube subscribers and viewers, "BMACadelic" provides an exclusive look into BMAC's mind as he shares his life experiences through unique YouTube video uploads. With filmmaking/photography tutorials, tech reviews/walkthroughs, product unboxings, cinematic vlogs, unique lifestyle content, and exclusive "behind-the-scenes" live streams, BMAC delivers consistent, relatable, and high-quality video content to a highly-receptive online audience. With a passion for filmmaking, storytelling, and entrepreneurship, I invite you to JOIN ME in living a life of fearlessness as I take on the personal and creative challenge of creating consistent and cinematic filmmaking, photography, tech, and lifestyle content that showcases the beauty of life around us. Join the #BMACpack - SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Please Note: The video description boxes of my videos may contain affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission on sales made through those links. This does not affect the price of the products or services mentioned. Filmed on a Sony a6500 with a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens and Quicktime Movie Recording. Uploaded on 10.6.2017 - 38,775 Subscribers. 2,227,741 Views.

In this interview Adobe Lightroom Mobile Product Manager Josh Haftel joins us to discuss the current Adobe Lightroom ecosystem. We discuss mobile, AI, profiles, privacy and more.



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