Super Mario Bros X ~ Custom Level ~ Many Industrial Machines

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Donkey Kong (Original) Full Playthrough (JP Arcade Version)

This is emulated with MAME 0.119+. The American version only has the 1st and last levels, but the Japanese version also has the 2nd and 3rd. The name of this ROM is "Japan set 1". There were a couple mistakes, but this was quick to complete compared to my many other videos. I'm sorry if my lack of skill in this game doesn't please you enough. HOW HIGH CAN YOU GET? LEVEL 1: 25m: Jump over barrels, or smash them with hammers, and climb ladders to reach Pauline. LEVEL 2: 50m: Reach Donkey Kong's floor by climbing moving ladders and passing conveyer belts while avoiding fires, pies, and Donkey Kong, himself. LEVEL 3: 75m: Use elevators and ladders while avoiding fires and springboards to reach Pauline's floor. LEVEL 4: 100m: Use ladders to climb and break all of the pegs, while avoiding or destroying puffy flames with hammers.. Once you break all of the pegs, Donkey Kong will fall, and Jumpman, a.k.a. Mario, will be reunited for good. And then the game starts RIGHT over again... *sigh* -------------- In Levels 2 - 4, you can collect items for extra points. These are Pauline's sunhat, umbrella, and purse. The Bonus at the top-right corner of the screen is also a time limit. 1 second of time multiplied by 100 represents the Bonus points you get after beating the level. If the Bonus hits 000, you die! In Levels 1 & 4, hammers will let you break barrels in Level 1, and flames in Level 4 for a few seconds. However, you can't jump with them, and you can't climb ladders with them. Because of how they're set up in those levels, you can't even use them to hit Donkey Kong if you tried. Notice how the flames in Level 4 turn blue when you grab a hammer. It's as if you were Pac-Man and they were Ghosts. American NES Version: American Arcade (US set 1) Version: -------------- WOW! Over 39,000 views! I wasn't expecting this to do so well. Thanks, everyone! -------------- HOLY CRAP! Over 132,000 views! I wonder if it has to do with that... particularly infamous movie known as Pixels, hmmmm...? Oh well. Love it or hate it, if you're trying to figure out where Donkey Kong came from in that movie, look no further. The things you see the characters do to get through this game in that movie may end up being different from what you see out of the game itself, here. -------------- OVER 424,000 VIEWS?! Wow... Thanks, Pixels. -------------- 755,000+ VIEWS! -------------- 834,000+ VIEWS!! -------------- 943,000+ VIEWS!!! -------------- OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! THIS IS NO DOUBT MY HIGHEST-VIEWED VIDEO EVER! -------------- OVER 1.5 MILLION VIEWS!!!!! 4/3/16 UPDATE: Since this video's proven to be an extremely popular video thanks to the game's appearance in Pixels, I may consider making quick playthroughs of some of the other arcade games that also showed up in that movie. I'm not really interested in seeing the movie, itself, though, but I might change my mind later. -------------- OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!! And not only that, as of this post of 7/9/16, this, the original Donkey Kong arcade game, is now officially over 35 years old! CONGRATULATIONS! -------------- OVER 3.1 MILLION VIEWS?! How is this still going so well?! -------------- OH MY GOD, OVER 4.2 MILLION VIEWS?! -------------- 7.3 MILLION VIEWS! THIS IS STILL GOING?! -------------- AHHHH! 8.7 MILLION VIEWS!!! That's it! I'm planning a new playthrough of this game. And it will show off ALL of the levels with NO DEATHS! Thanks for watching, everyone!

Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX 1.4.2) Custom Level - "CHAIN CHOMP CHAOS!"

¡Me ha costado muchísimo hacer este nivel! usé más de 150 layers y eventos. ¡Espero que lo disfrutes! :) ... ➚ DOWNLOAD THIS LEVEL: ★ LINKS: • ¡Suscribete! ❱ • SMBX Comunidad LITE! ❱ ★ DOWNLOADS: • Download SMBX 1.4.2 (Updated!) ❱ • Download My MARIO Graphics! (by Fernanpro) ❱ • Download My LUIGI Graphics! ❱ ★ PLAYLISTS! • SMBX 1.4.2 CUSTOM LEVELS! ❱ • SMBX 1.4.2 BOSS BATTLES / BOSS RUSH! ❱ • SMBX 1.4.2 TUTORIALS! ❱ • SMBX CUSTOM LEVELS! ❱ ¡Si te gustó este vídeo, por favor valóralo con un ME GUSTA, me ayuda muchísimo y me animas a seguir subiendo más contenido así! ¡No olvides SUSCRIBIRTE para estar al tanto de mis vídeos! :^)

Mario Kart DS ~ All beta Courses in true widescreen HD & fixed 2.0

Version 2.0 of this rom has been released with beta music and more fixes! Every beta course in HD widescreen using desumue X432R (not including courses with minor differences). i also fixed them to make them stable on emulators and flash cards and fixed some graphic errors in the final version of mkds. i did borrow mkdasher's fixed respawns for nokonoko and dokan course. and then fixed the rest of the beta course respawn points myself . so none of them crash if you fall off. i consider this to be version 3.0 of my mkds unlimited speed hacked r0m. it will act like a normal usa mkd$ r0m unless you use this code here to make all beta courses assessable through VS, time trial and battle, mode. (not including the beta courses from mkds demo r0m) AR texture code are backwards compatible with this r0m if you wish to use them. if you dont have a fl@sh c@rd use the latest build of desmume see another restored beta course here! Access all beta courses, re enable beta elements and fix water. enable beta music. (THIS ONLY WORKS WITH MY custom R0M BELOW) E215CBEC 00000010 00000004 00000002 00000008 00000015 E215CC2C 00000010 00000003 00000006 00000007 00000005 2216AD7C 00000029 220711AC 00000001 0209EC94 E3A00002 923CDEC0 0000001F 020D9C3C 00078000 020D9C40 00062000 D2000000 00000000 923CDEC0 00000008 020D9C3C 0008E000 020D9C40 00081800 D2000000 00000000 22153245 00000005 MKDS NTSC-U 16.9 widescreen 1.1 (works with any mkds NTSC-U r0m) 12147e04 00003D30 If you want to play mkds in widescreen you need to click view and uncheck (maintain aspect ratio) then stretch the emulat0r window till it looks right. the map screen will be screwed up when using this code. Also this r0m can do infinite speeds with karts and bullet bills with any speed code unlimited speed (my r0m only, other wise its 300cc) 02070720 e3a00599 bullet bill speed modifier (replace the XX with a number (0d is 300cc. FF is max) 120907d4 00001aXX You will need poweriso to open this file! Get it here! (mkd$ NT$C-U No 300cc fixed betas 2.0) V FIRST CLICK THIS LINK. V THEN... V Copy this extension V /s/5k2790g215j0c1l/ And paste it on the end of to get the f!le. (did this to stop you know who from removing it.) the new fixes are: Luigi course: bound and flipper objects replaced with fixed beta bound and flipper objects (fixed by Yawshi on Pinball beta course: Flipper object replaced with original fixed beta flipper. Test circle: Now load up with 5 laps instead of 1 lap for longer play and has 2 extra item boxes added and centered on the course. Music: Original beta CIRCUIT2.SEQ music (the music you hear through most my video) has been ported over to my custom mkds game rom so now the beta music actually plays when racing on any of the beta courses! (Extracted by Kitty Anonymous. Ported to my custom rom by SGC from Made the extracting process easier. Or you can download some of the individual tracks here: (every file explorer will be needed to install the tracks) nokonoko fixed luigi course fixed waluigi pinball beta fixed donkey course fixed Download mp3 for the beta/demo mkd$ music seq_circuit2 if you dont understand my instructions let me know ill be glad to help!

Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX 1.4) ALL POWER-UPS!!!

★ SMBX 1.4. (UPDATE!) MADE BY @5438A38A. Finally we got a REAL update for SMBX! In this video I showed you the new power-ups! Mega Mushroom, Mini-Mushroom, Penguit, Frog, Shell and Propeller Suit! There's a lot of new stuff. GET IT NOW! ➚ DOWNLOAD SMBX 1.4.3 (Updated!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🌠 LINKS 🌠 SMBX Forum ❱ SMBX Facebook Spanish Group ❱ Get my Mario custom graphics ❱ (by fernanprogamer): Get my Luigi custom graphics ❱ SMBX 1.4.4 Download ❱ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mario Kart DS: Level 6 Missions

Every level 6 mission in Mario Kart DS. Timestamps: 0:00 - Mission 6-1 (Don't fall off the rotating cylinder) 0:27 - Mission 6-2 (Defeat 15 Rocky Wrenches) 1:02 - Mission 6-3 (Collect 30 coins) 1:37 - Mission 6-4 (Destroy 10 item boxes) 2:40 - Mission 6-5 (Drive through 8 numbered gates) 3:20 - Mission 6-6 (Perform 14 power-slide turbo boosts) 4:13 - Mission 6-7 (Collect 40 coins) 5:05 - Mission 6-8 (Finish before Peach) 6:05 - Mission 6-Boss (Defeat Chief Chilly)

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