Making a cutting tool to drill thick steel.

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Making a 13.25" 336mm TREPANNING TOOL to cut through 20" long steel bar.

this tool is to hold in a lathe tool post. All parts were made on manual Bridgeport miller, Dean Smith and Grace lathe and a Denham turret lathe by myself. it will cut a 13.25" hole through 20" long steel bar in one pass or 40" long half and half. the core will be 11.5" which can be used to make other things. If you enjoy my engineering videos please subscribe to my engineering channel so get the most up to date content:

Impressive Cutting Abilities of Ingersoll

ingersoll is a producer that has proven its quality since 1989

Facing bracket in boring mill 1

In this video I show how I use my horizontal boring mill as a lathe. This part needed one side machined and my lathes do not have enough swing, so I did it in the mill. I machined the adaptor plate for the chuck several years back for handling large swing jobs like this.

How to make a spinning drum sander for drill press

To make this drill press drum sander I use a bearing that helps to keep the drum sander always straight. I also show how to rectify and how to true the drum sander to make a perfect cylinder. I also make a drill press table to fit the bearing and to sand the workpieces easily. Watch here how to make a disc sander: And how to make a drill press table:

Bore Turn and Face. INCO A286. 8" hole.

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