Small Business Administration

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Leadership Skills Development for First-Time Managers

When top-performing employees are promoted to management through succession planning, it is usually because their exceptional individual performance has been recognized. But the leadership skills development it takes to succeed as a manager of human capital can be drastically different from what they may have done in their prior role; succession planning based on previous success may not be enough. So as a result, many new managers have to take on leadership skills development on the fly—many times in addition to their other responsibilities—or end up failing completely. Are your new managers just managing human capital? Or are they doing their old job in addition to managing a team? Do they have the leadership skills development to succeed at overseeing human capital? Is your company's succession planning helping or hindering their success? In short: Are your leaders getting the targeted leadership skills development they need? Our website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

U.S. Import/Export Compliance Regulations

Here is a seminar that was sponsored by WorldTrans Services, Inc. and hosted by the San Diego World Trade Center on April 5, 2012. The speaker is Judi Taylor- founder and President of Trade Compliance Group (TCG)- San Diego. She has over 10 years of experience as an International Trade Compliance Consultant. Import/Export Compliance is regulated by a broad spectrum of U.S. Government Agencies. These regulations can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to expand into the International marketplace. WorldTrans sponsored this event to help keep your business informed, and to be connected with the right resources! This seminar addressed the following issues: • Who needs to comply with U.S. Import/Export Regulations? • What are the main causes of an Export violation, and what can you expect from the ITAR revisions currently in place under the Export Reform effort? • Where should Import/Export Compliance be implemented? • When does an Import/Export happen? • How can you manage your compliance? • How can you make the Export Regulations work for you instead of against you? • Why is it important to maintain an Import/Export compliance program? Contact to find out more about these events!

Accounting Interviewing - Deloitte

Career Services University of Utah 350 Student Services Building (SSB) (801) 581-6186

How to Generate 100 220 Leads Per Day on LinkedIn Webinar

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LivePlan Training Session: Writing Your Business Plan

In this recorded webinar, Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, shares tips on how to start writing your business plan and keep you on track. With over four decades of business planning experience, Tim is a world renowned business expert. With your new LivePlan subscription, you're not just getting a software tool, you're gaining access to a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed. LivePlan Help Center:

Small Business Administration, The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a self-governing U.S. government office set up in 1953 to support and promote the economy as a rule by giving help to independent companies. One of the biggest elements of the Small Business Administration is the arrangement of directing to help people who are trying to begin and develop organizations. On the organization’s site, (Small Business Administration), there are various types of tools to help private business including an independent business organizer and extra preparing programs. Restricted Small Business Administration workplaces all through the United States and related regions offer face to face, one-on-one advising administrations that incorporate a strategy for success composing guideline and help with private company loans.

The Small Business Administration offers educational data with a particular spotlight on helping the private company start-up and development. It also offered on the SBA’s site, nearby workplaces likewise give more customized exceptional occasions to private venture owners. The Small Business Administration enables Americans to begin, construct and develop organizations. Through a broad system of field workplaces and associations, the Small Business Administration helps and ensures the interests of small business concerns.

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